Electric Ford F-150 and Transit EV coming 'within 24 months'

Joe Lorio

Ford chief operating officer Jim Farley gave new details on timing for the company's all-electric version of its F-150 pickup and the EV Transit van, telling CNBC's "Squawk on the Street" in an interview that both vehicles would arrive "within 24 months," or by mid-2022. Ford previously had said the all-electric Transit van would debut "for the 2022 model year" and had not given specific timing for the F-150 EV.

That timing puts Ford somewhat behind General Motors, which has said it plans to field an electric pickup truck from the resurrected Hummer brand in late 2021. It'll be a less traditional truck than the F-150, however, as would the variety of other electric pickups reportedly on their way. Rivian plans to start deliveries of its R1T battery-powered pickup, for which it is already collecting $1,000 deposits, late this year. Tesla says its Cybertruck EV pickup will reach customers in late 2021. And EV startup Nikola has announced it will begin taking deposits for its own Badger EV pickup later this month, with deliveries promised for 2021.

Both Tesla and Nikola have seen their stock prices soar in recent days, as investors appear to be very enthusiastic about the prospect of EV pickups. Maybe that spurred Mr. Farley to be more forthcoming about Ford's plans.

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