Elderly Chihuahua Has Her Own 'Elevator' and It's Such a Smart Idea

Alexander Grey/Unsplash

Some small dogs, like Chihuahuas, might show reluctance or fear when you pick them up from the ground. Being lifted up can bring them out of their comfort zone which may make them feel anxious or stressed.I mean think about it, you're a giant human and they are a little dog and it's a long way up from the floor to your arms.

That's why we love what this elderly Chihuahua has been trained to do in the following video. Watch what happens when her dog sitter takes out her 'elevator.'

The video, shared by the TikTok account for @kimberlin_boyd, is such a smart idea! We have a Pomeranian and I can see him getting cranky in his old age being lifted off the ground so I am for sure going to start training him using his own dog bed.

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Tiny dogs can get so cranky in their old age and TikTok users are loving this brilliant alternative to picking up an apprehensive dog.

@Elora says, "Brilliant! Especially for an older dog who might not like to get picked up, this is a perfect solution." @Syeph is familiar with this situation and says, "My old chihuahua trained a roommate to put a pillow on the ground, let him lay on it, then pick up the pillow & carry him around like the prince he was." Awwww! @Starry replies, "I love how she comes running when you say “elevator. “ Yup, she is trained well.

I'm going to start doing this with my own pup and rewarding him with treats when he jumps into his own 'elevator.' Nothing better than the amazing solutions dog parents come up with!

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