El Niño Could Be "Just What We Need" For Multiple Nor'easters This Winter

YouTube/Weather At A Glance

Tis the season for wild winter weather predictions. As skiers, we couch our dreams of future powder turns in documented natural phenomena, using phrases like "El Niño" and "La Niña" as guideposts for wishful, occasionally magical thinking.

It's not all superstition, buzzwords, and snow dances, though.

Weather At A Glance, a YouTube channel dedicated to meteorology, has good news for East Coast skiers that goes beyond conjecture: Nor'easters -- storms that can dump multiple feet of across the North East -- are in the winter 2023-2024 El Niño forecast.

Here's the rundown.

Skiing on the East Coast has been a mixed bag the past few seasons, with warm and dry conditions ruling out regular powder days. Adding insult to injury, the West -- particularly last winter -- has enjoyed bomber skiing conditions.

Thus, the promise of future Nor'easters likely comes as welcome news for East Coast skiers and could indicate a reversal of fortunes when compared with last winter, as the incoming El Niño, alongside other meteorological factors, has forecasters predicting warm and dry conditions for the Northern Rockies.

According to Weather At A Glance, states like Idaho, Montana, and Washington are looking at the short end of the stick in terms of predicted snowfall. Utah, Colorado, and Nevada should see "mild, occasionally" wet conditions, while California is scheduled for a "wet" winter. And, as noted before, Nor'easters should blow through the North East with some degree of regularity.

This prognosis aligns with NOAA's predictions, albeit with more specificity.

NOAA calls for warm and dry conditions in the northern U.S. and wet conditions in the southeast U.S. during December, January, and February. The government agency says that the middle of the country, in states like Colorado and Utah, could go either way in terms of precipitation and average temperatures during this mid-winter time frame.

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