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Editors’ picks: 15 things Yahoo staffers tried and loved in September

editor favorites: a brown trench coat, gray carryall bag, adidas sneaker, massage gun
We hope you'll fall for our editor favorites as much as we have. (Photos: Nordstrom (2); Adidas; Amazon)

As shopping writers and editors, we're constantly trying out new products to determine (and share with you!) the best of the best. And while our favorite finds from September run the gamut from clothing and beauty to kitchen tools and home goods, one thing's clear: a good deal of us have fall on the mind. Autumnal fashion faves include a gorgeous trench coat (a seasonal staple) and Dr. Martens platform boots, while an ingenious Conair fabric shaver will take that pesky pilling right off of your favorite sweaters. Curious to know what else we're loving? Let's dive in!

Removing makeup doesn't have to be chore. This oil-based cleanser gets the job done without stripping or drying out the skin.

$15 at Amazon

"I always felt like makeup wipes were too harsh on my sensitive skin, which is why I made the switch to cleansing balms in the first place. This balm from Juno & Co., which happens to be one of the most affordable ones I've tried, melts away all of my makeup (even waterproof mascara!) without causing any redness, irritation or unwanted residue. It feels luxurious on the skin, and the subtle citrusy scent makes me feel like I'm at the spa." Amanda Garrity, Commerce Editor, Gift Guides

Create zests and garnishes in a snap with this popular pick, which boasts a stellar 4.8-star rating on Amazon.

$11 at Amazon

"As the resident birthday cake baker for my friends and family, I'm always looking for new ways to decorate my homemade treats. I recently had the idea of spelling out my friend's name in candied citrus zest, but knew my reliable Microplane wouldn't be the best tool for the job. Cut to: I purchased this little gizmo, which comes with a channel knife to create long strips of zest. After some practice, I got the hang of using it rather quickly, and not only did it help me bring my idea to 'fruit'-ion, I can also use it to make perfect cocktail garnishes." —Britt Ross, Deals Writer

Need new boots for fall? These versatile stompers have just the right amount of platform to give some height without compromising stability. 

$170 at Amazon

"This is actually my second time purchasing these Docs — that's how much I love them. (Don't worry, my first pair lasted years!) At just five feet tall, I'll take all the extra height I can get, and I love that these boots have a chunky platform (with great traction) that makes me feel like I can take on the world, without toppling over. You'll want to wear them around the house with tall socks to stretch them out, but once they've been broken in, they're comfortable enough to wear all day — I once walked nearly 10 miles in them and felt fine!" —Britt Ross, Deals Writer

Forget stinky apple cider vinegar hacks — this gross-but-effective trap easily captures gnats, fruit flies and other flying nasties.

$17 at Amazon$17 at Walmart

"When we moved into our new apartment, my partner and I didn't anticipate having a trillion tiny winged roommates. This sticky trap acts as their eviction notice: It emits a blue light that they're attracted to, except when they fly over to investigate, they get stuck on the sticky pad on the underside of the trap. When it's full of flies, you just throw out the pad, install a new one and can keep using the light. Bonus: You never have to touch the sticky side (and the flies stuck there)." —Izabella Zaydenberg, Deputy Editor

Available in six shades (now with additional mesh options), this versatile carryall can be used for the office, weekend trips and so much more.

$215 at Nordstrom

"It’s hard to imagine what I would have done without this carryall this past summer because I found myself toting it everywhere. The large bag is roomy enough to stow enough clothes for the weekend — complete with a special laptop compartment and additional pockets for tech and other essentials — and has a trolley sleeve for attaching to luggage, which came in handy during a recent trip. It rests comfortably on my shoulder and the large zipper is smooth and strong (unlike some other travel bags I’ve used), so I don’t need to worry about my stuff snagging or bursting at the seams." —Kristin Granero, Senior Commerce Writer

This stylish brush set from makeup artist Sonia Kashuk delivers professional-level results without the high-end price tag.

$40 at Target

"I’ve tried countless makeup brushes and I keep coming back to these 'magic wands' from Sonia Kashuk, which distribute product evenly (without absorbing everything) and look luxurious at a mere fraction of the competitor cost (good brushes can run upward of $30 or more each). This set comes complete with 10 brushes for applying, blending, contouring and more (I use the flat-top foundation brush for both foundation and blush and it delivers saturated color while gliding on like a dream)." —Kristin Granero, Senior Commerce Writer

Wash and dry lettuce leaves like a pro with this sleek, efficient salad spinner. The 6.34-quart stainless steel bowl with nonslip base is durable and table-ready.

$65 at Amazon

"Farm-fresh greens give me life, but my wretched, wonky all-plastic salad spinner finally bit the dust — and drying lettuce leaves with cloth napkins is just sad. I've just switched to this OXO stainless steel spinner, and it's a solid upgrade. It seals tight, spins fast and brakes hard. The stainless steel bowl doubles as a serving piece, and it's dishwasher safe! Into it." —Libby Sentz, Contributing Shopping Editor

These 100% cotton beach towels are super soft and still look good as new even after many cycles in the washer and dryer.

$10 at Amazon

"I bought these towels for beach day trips and an end-of-summer family shore vacation and they did not disappoint. They look and feel like the luxe versions you see at high-end home stores, but at about ten bucks each, I wasn't terribly worried about one getting lost or stained." —Lisa Schweitzer, Senior Editor

If this RFID-blocking travel wallet with an amazing 16 card slots can organize me, it can organize you, too.

$16 at Amazon

"As a messy wallet person, I've always been curious about this Yahoo reader favorite that promises to keep things in their place. I got it in 'blue/purplish,' which happens to be the most perfect shade of cobalt. There are two zipper compartments: I use one for cash, the other for receipts. And all those credit card slots filled up ready to go is so satisfying every time I open the wallet. It's kept me more organized than I've ever been, and I get compliments from checkout people constantly." —Nicole Sforza, Executive Editor

Wiggle worm? Don't worry — these straps will keep your sheets in place and your bed looking freshly made, even if you toss and turn all night.

$10 at Amazon

"I am not a peaceful sleeper, as my wife will attest. Between trying to get comfortable and/or fighting off the attention of the cats during the night, I long had to completely remake the bed practically every day. These sheet straps have fixed that problem and make bedtime a much more streamlined process: Fall into bed, close my eyes and start snoring." —Patrick Hearn, Deals Writer

Just right for fall, this trench is water-resistant, but it's made with cotton and spandex — that means it's light and stretchy for a comfortable fit.

$239 at Nordstrom

"I'm absolutely in love with this trench coat. It's from Avec Les Filles — the affordable label created by former BCBG Designer Joyce Azria. I wanted a light coat long enough to cover the long cardigans I live in during the fall and winter. Most of the trench coats I looked at were stiff and heavy, but this one is drapey, light and stretchy thanks to the spandex — it's super comfortable." —Rachel Roszmann, Weekend Editor

This handy device removes pills, fuzz and extra threads, making my old knits look brand-new within minutes.

$30 at Amazon

"I have a closetful of pilling sweaters that I wanted to renew before it gets cold. So far, I've tackled my cashmere duster and it looks like new! There is a battery-operated option that's less expensive, but I can't be bothered with batteries, so I got the rechargeable version." —Rachel Roszmann, Weekend Editor

Sleek, comfy and versatile — these cute kicks are the perfect travel shoe.

$100 at Adidas

"I just went on vacation to San Francisco and Napa Valley, and these were the only sneakers I packed for the trip. Not only were they comfortable enough for me to walk up the steep hills of San Fran, but they were stylish enough for me to wear to wineries in Napa. Even better, they were lightweight and didn't take up too much space in my suitcase." —Rebecca Carhart, Fashion and Beauty Writer

Looking to relieve sore muscles? Renpho’s surprisingly affordable massage gun gets the job done.

$40 at Amazon

"This five-speed percussive massager has one key advantage over most others: a removable extension handle so you can reach areas like your mid and lower back. That’s one key reason it made Yahoo’s list of the best massage guns. Another: It’s unusually quiet, at least at lower speeds. Grab this while it’s on sale, which is often." —Rick Broida, Executive Commerce Editor, Tech

These collagen eye masks help to reduce dark circles and puffiness. Place one under each eye for just five minutes in the morning or at night.

$15 at Amazon$15 at Walmart

"I recently added these under-eye gel patches to my morning skin-care routine, and I'm so glad I did. I keep them cold in the fridge and love how refreshing they are on my skin. My face definitely feels — and looks — more awake (and less puffy!) after using them. Each pair is individually packaged, so they're easy to throw in your suitcase when traveling." —Rory Halperin, Partnerships and Branded Content Editor