Ed Sheeran Surprises New York City With Pop-Up Performance

Ed Sheeran surprised fans with an unannounced performance in New York City over the weekend.

The 32-year-old singer flooded the streets of the Big Apple when he showed up at his American Express pop-up shop to promote his new album, Subtract, which was released on Friday.

Sheeran jumped on top of a Volvo that was surrounded by fans before he began to sing a few songs with just his voice and a guitar, including his new single "Boat" and two other popular hits: "Thinking Out Loud" and "Eyes Closed."


Standing on a Volvo in New York outside the pop up x

♬ original sound - Ed Sheeran

Some fans shared their experience in videos posted on TikTok, including one supporter, Dasom Lee (known on the platform as @explorenewyorkcity), who took fans through her day at the May 5 pop-up shop in SoHo.

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"Ed Sheeran had a live concert in SoHo, and I got to meet him," she began. "So I arrived at the pop-up early that morning, then it started getting crazy. People knew he was arriving, and my friends and I were kind of freaking out."

She said the crowd went wild when they saw him grab his guitar.

"He started belting out some of his best songs. Just casual in the middle of SoHo," Lee explained in the clip, "He is incredible live. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. He played three whole songs because the crowd was in love, of course."

"Ed Sheeran was so incredibly kind and sweet in person. He took photos with as many people as he could, including me! Truly a core memory," she continued as the camera panned to show Sheeran hosting a brief meet-and-greet with some fans.

The singer's surprise performance lined up perfectly with any potential celebrations he may have had planned after winning his copyright infringement case, which accused Sheeran of plagiarizing parts of Marvin Gaye's "Let's Get It On" when he wrote "Thinking Out Loud."

He previously stated that he would be "done" with his music career if the jury didn't side with him, but luckily it appears he won't be retiring anytime soon.

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