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Get a load of this: A tiny $9 egg can save you hundreds on your laundry

Imagine life without laundry detergent. No muss, no fuss, no late-night runs to the grocery store when you run out. Well, this product — which takes the place of detergent — offers such an idyllic existence. It’s a nontoxic, phosphate-free hypoallergenic detergent alternative, and I’m convinced it’s the wave of the future.

Made to be safe for safe for sensitive skin, this little egg gets your clothes clean without the need for pricey (and messy) detergent.
$15 at Amazon

As a mom, I have a very close relationship with my washing machine (in fact, I see more of it than I do my family). And I couldn’t wait to introduce it to the Laundry Egg by Ecoegg — the aforementioned miracle product that cleans clothes without soap. Anything that makes laundry easier— and cheaper — is a win in my book. Hence I’m crazy about this egg. No more sudsy overkill, no more soapy clothes that need an extra rinse cycle, no more weird chemical smell that pretends to be lavender or eucalyptus or the unspecified scent of a meadow.

Instead, it’s just me and my egg. No more schlepping heavy, cumbersome jugs of blue liquid home from the supermarket and up and down stairs. No more polluting landfills with all that nasty, eco-harmful plastic. And no more shelling out hundreds of dollars for detergent.

Ecoeggs on a pile of blankets
We'll happily admit to egging you on to snag this incredible deal. (Photo: Ecoegg.com)

How, pray tell, does this egg work?

Well, you fill the egg with the included white mineral pellets (which dissolve over time) and dark ceramic pellets (which never need replacing). Then it, and you, are set for months. You throw it in the washing machine on top of clothes, towels or linens, and the pellets work to gently lift away dirt over the course of the cycle. Over and over, load after load, your laundry emerges gorgeously clean. And there's zero maintenance to keep your egg working its magic; after each load, you just leave it out to air-dry.

When you’ve noticed that the white pellets are about half their original size, it’s time to re-up — just add a new pack of white pellets. This set, however, includes enough for 210 washes — or four years' worth, if you do your laundry once a week.

The bottom line: This is what you call a good egg.

Made to be safe for safe for sensitive skin, this little egg gets your clothes clean without the need for pricey (and messy) detergent.
$15 at Amazon

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