How to eat and prepare 13 edible flowers

Flowers can light up any room simply with their bright colors and pleasant scent. But there is more to flowers than just beauty. Some flowers are edible and can be used to spice up or sweeten your daily meals. Make more out of your weeknight dinners by adding some fresh petals or create an aesthetically pleasing drink or dessert using beautiful florals for an added pop of color.

If you are picking flowers in your backyard or in the wild, there are a few precautions you need to take. Make sure to do your research beforehand to identify exactly which flowers are edible. For example, though African violets may be similar to regular violets in appearance and name, they are not edible.

Research how to prepare your flowers because certain flowers can be eaten raw while others must be cooked before they’re consumed. Don’t harvest edible flowers or weeds if you treat your garden with pesticides that aren’t labeled for use on food products. If you plan on foraging outside of your own yard, ask for permission, especially if you’re picking from someone else’s garden or lawn. Avoid foraging in forest preserves, where the practice is often illegal. Finally, it's a good idea not to eat flowers you get from florists, nurseries or roadside stands since they have been raised to look pretty, not be safe to consume.