How You Can Make This Easy Spinach & Feta Cheese Pie

You'll totally want seconds.

Video Transcript


RONI PROTER: Greek spinach and feta pie is sort of like the Greek version of an Italian meatball. Every grandma has her favorite recipe. And this one is mine.

Just remember that with frozen spinach, there's a lot of water. So after it thaws, squeeze out any excess water so that you don't get a runny filling. Phyllo is paper thin, so you want to be delicate, and you want to move quickly. In between each flaky layer is butter that you just brush on and add another layer.

So after about six layers of the flaky phyllo, we just go in with our filling. This is so much easier and quicker than doing individually wrapped pies.

All tucked in in its little package, like it's ready for a little nap. Some toasted sesame seeds on top. And ready for the oven.


Look how beautiful that is. One bite, and everything is right in the world.