This Pin-Curls Hair Tutorial Will Give You Bouncy Waves Without a Curling Iron

  • Pin curls are a way to achieve beautiful curls without the extra effort or heat damage.

  • To get overnight curls, you only need a couple of items.

  • The hack may seem intimidating, but all you need are hair balm, bobby pins, and a blowdryer to do pin curls.

While curling irons may be deemed essential styling tools by some, there is something to be said for being able to travel light. Plus, hot tool in general aren't always the most user-friendly. For many, successfully executing a curly hairstyle isn't always worth the extra effort (or heat damage, for that matter). That's why pin curls are such a great styling technique to learn.

This overnight curls hack may seem intimidating, but all you need to pull it off is a bit of hair balm or blow-dry cream for hold, bobby pins, and a blowdryer - though, air-drying can work just as good, as long as you have enough time.

Depending on your hair type, you can use some variation on bobby pins, which are perfect for thin, short hair, or alligator hair clips, which work great if you have thick, long hair because they're a little more heavy duty. Depending on what size pinwheel curls you're hoping to achieve, you can adjust them by changing how many fingers you use to roll your curls into place. The more fingers you use, the bigger the curl.

Professional hairstylist Gina Schiappacasse of Hairstory , a NYC-based salon, broke down a step-by-step tutorial for overnight pin curls ahead. The result: those effortless, bouncy, loose curls you crave sans a curling iron.