Easy Autumn Recipes For Your Fall Dinner Party

Maggie Griswold, Hannah Hickok
·1 min read

As sad as it is that locally-farmed summer produce—like watermelon, strawberries and corn—are no longer filling the grocery store produce aisle, let’s look at the bright side! Equally tasty and nutritious fruits and veggies like pears, potatoes, winter squash and (of course) pumpkins are in season right now, and they’re just waiting to make their debut in your kitchen this fall. With these fruits, veggies and other autumnal flavors, there’s a whole host of hearty, healthy and satisfying fall recipes you can make. So while you might miss all the summer produce, these autumn meals are definitely just as delicious—and worth making in spades.

From mouthwatering breakfast and brunch options like...

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