How to Make Bed Sheets Crisp With This Easy Hack

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At the top of our list of life’s simple pleasures: Settling into a freshly laundered bed. Even better if the covers are impossibly smooth. (You know the feeling.) While we’re all Martha Stewart at heart, we’re not about to iron our bed sheets…we’re just not. So here’s a simple trick for how to make bed sheets crisp—no iron required.

How to make bed sheets crisp

Wash your bedsheets as you normally would (bimonthly in hot water, no?). When the spin cycle is complete, skip the dryer. Instead, put your fitted and top sheet back on the mattress while they’re still damp, and make sure to pull everything taut. Once the sheets are dry, you can finish making the bed. Voilà! No crinkles or folds in sight.

Why it works

When you put the sheets on the bed damp, they’ll conform to the shape of your mattress and dry wrinkle-free (as opposed to in the dryer, where heat locks in those pesky creases).

One more thing

If you’re worried about mildew (gross), fret not. The sheets will dry faster than you can say “permanent press.”

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