Ear's a Great Deal, You Can Now Shop Bose and HearX Over-the-Counter Hearing Aids at Walmart!

If you’ve wanted to get a hearing aid for yourself or a loved one but have been unable to afford the high cost, we have good news—there is now a range of FDA-approved hearing aids available at a much lower price than you would have paid for these devices in the past, and you may be able to find them at your local Walmart.

The retail giant has announced that, starting this week, they will be selling an assortment of over-the-counter (OTC) hearing aids from trusted brands at a more affordable price range. For the first time, customers aged 18 and older with mild-to-moderate hearing loss can buy a hearing aid at Walmart without a medical exam or fitting adjustment needed by an audiologist, which can help further increase the savings.

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This development follows a move by the FDA this summer that finalized a rule establishing a new category of OTC hearing aids that customers can buy without a medical exam or audiologist fitting.

The OTC hearing aids at Walmart will range in price from $199 to $999 per pair. Some models are already available on the Walmart website, at Walmart Vision Centers in certain states, and at hundreds of Sam's Club Hearing Aid Center locations, with availability expanding to many additional Walmart locations nationwide in the near future.

Here are the best OTC hearing aids currently available at Walmart. (Keep an eye on the Walmart website or check your local stores, as more models are likely to be added soon.)

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Best OTC Hearing Aids at Walmart

Lexie B1 Self-fitting Hearing Aids Powered by Bose - $849

These hearing aids are designed to be easy to use, with a self-fitting process that guides you through steps of ensuring the proper fit (including using the provided ear measuring tool). With Bluetooth capability, these hearing aids can be managed via the Lexie app to allow for audiologist-level customization. Adjust the settings to focus on amplifying the sounds you most want to hear. Lexie B1 Self-fitting Hearing Aids Powered by Bose - $849 

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Lexie B2 Hearing Aids Powered by Bose - $999

<p>Lexie B2 hearing aid</p>

Lexie B2 hearing aid

Coming soon! These B2 model hearing aids from Lexie Powered by Bose are rechargeable and have a receiver-in-canal design. They also connect with the Lexie app to guide the self-fitting process and can be customized to meet your individual needs.

HearX Go Hearing Go Lite Hearing Aids - $199

These hearing aids from Go Hearing (a HearX brand) are among the most simple, affordable OTC hearing aids you can find. This model is small, wireless, and perfect for using in small groups or enclosed spaces – like when you are at home watching TV. HearX Go Hearing Go Lite Hearing Aids - $199 

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HearX Go Hearing Go Prime Hearing Aids - $299

A step up from Go Hearing’s Go Lite model, these Go Prime hearing aids are more flexible and can be used in a range of environments where you need enhanced sound. They provide sharp audio and help you hear speech more clearly. The background noise reduction is also a helpful feature. HearX Go Hearing Go Prime Hearing Aids - $299 

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