The New Street Art You Need to See in NYC

Earlier this month the visual artist Gregory Siff, whose work has appeared at the Whitney museum and the Museum of Modern Art PS1, took to the streets and began scrawling on bits of scaffolding in New York City’s Chelsea neighborhood.

His creation, an enormous 12 foot by 80 foot mural, now lives outside construction for the new COFFEED cafe in the headquarters of the nonprofit the Foundling, which runs programs to support the city’s vulnerable youth. The new shop will employee kids who are under the Foundling’s care. All of the words and images on the mural were inspired by things said by the children under the Foundling’s care.

Gregory Siff paints graffiti mural to kick off partnership with The New York Foundling and COFFEED in Chelsea at The Foundling’s headquarters on July 16, 2014. (Photo: Ryan Lash Photography)

The coffee shop, which will dedicate 10% of its revenue to the Foundling, will open later this fall, at which point the mural will be divided into sections and auctioned off for charity…so check it while you still can.

Video by Polymus Films

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