E-Motorcycle Rider Confronted In Oregon Park: "That's A No-No"

In recent years, electric dirt bikes known as Surrons have taken off in popularity. This has led to some people getting them to rip around the suburbs.

Some of these riders are not as committed to following rules as others. Watch one encounter between a dog walker and a Surron rider below.

In this video, the Surron rider was ripping around the park when a walker politely told him that there were no motorized vehicles allowed. Even though it was illegal for him to be there, the rider was petulant and told the walker “You need to quit telling people what to do.” As if the person not trespassing was in the wrong.

Breaking the rules and hassling the person who politely told you that you were doing something illegal is an interesting tack. In the caption of the YouTube video, the Surron rider wrote:

I just had to give this guy a lil sh*t. I can't stand people telling other people what to do. If you are that bent on keeping society at 100%, then go join the police force. They are hiring.

This is brazen from a guy who was blatantly in the wrong! On his way out, the surrounding an extra lap on the pavement. He truly was committed to being disrespectful of a polite walker, who even appeared to have an eye malady.

Though there are people out there who have set out not to follow rules, It is always important to remember to respect others.

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