Dyson Just Debuted Its Smallest and Lightest Hair Dryer—But There’s a Catch

dyson supersonic r hair dryer
You Can’t Buy Dyson’s New $569 Hair DryerDyson

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Dyson hair tools have taken the world (and TikTok) by storm–and for good reason. The brand’s viral high-tech devices took off with the very first launch, the Supersonic hair dryer, in 2016. Each innovation afterward—from the Airwrap multi-styler to the newest Airstrait—has presented newer, more innovative technology designed to achieve healthy, styled hair. The latest: Backstage at New York Fashion Week, the tech brand just debuted the Supersonic r. And though the new hair dryer—in keeping with Dyson products’ standard trajectory—is a more efficient, easier-to-use version of its Supersonic predecessor, there is a catch: You can’t use the r at home.

supersonic hair dryer dyson

As the brand’s smallest, lightest, and most innovative hair tool yet, the Supersonic r is Dyson’s first professional-only device and a hairstylist’s dream. The new innovations came as a result of stylist feedback, most of whom found the previous Supersonic iterations to be too heavy to use all day, with a motor that didn't last as long as it should have.

“We get a lot of feedback on [our tools], so a new product often starts with what someone personally thinks," James Dyson tells Bazaar exclusively. "We love creating something different–and better."

Similar to the other Dyson hair tools, the Supersonic r comes with a bunch of styling attachments, including the Flyaway attachment and Gentle Air attachment (the latter reduces airflow to help reduce frizz and define curls)–plus, the new Powerful Air attachment, which ramps up the airflow velocity to dry hair more quickly.

a woman blow drying another woman's hair

At first glance, one of the most drastic differences is the tool’s ergonomic “r” curve shape; this was designed to prevent stylists from getting hand strains and instead offers more comfort and control. On top of the new and improved Dyson Hyperdymium motor, which more evenly distributes heat and even self-cleans for a more efficient blowdry, the device has smart Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) sensors that automatically recognize of the five attachments and adjust the temperature and airflow accordingly for a precise style.

While you can’t buy the tool for your at-home blowouts, your go-to salon will be able to add the Supersonic r to their repertoire of tools starting this April.

The Supersonic r retails for $569.99 and stylists can sign up for the waitlist. But don’t fret– something tell us there’s more Dyson hair innovation on the way soon.

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