Dylan Sprouse Just Shaved Off His Quarantine Beard

Philip Ellis
Photo credit: Dylan Sprouse - Twitter
Photo credit: Dylan Sprouse - Twitter

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Plenty of guys have been making use of their time in lockdown to experiment with growing out their facial hair, as the extended house arrest has made it easier to get past those awkward, scruffy early weeks of having a beard without anyone seeing it.

Actor Dylan Sprouse has been spending his quarantine engaged in a fierce beard-growing competition with his twin brother, Riverdale star Cole Sprouse, and managed to sculpt his fuzz into what Cole recently described to Jimmy Fallon as a "devilish" goatee with a "Shakespearean" point on his chin.

But no more. This weekend, Dylan shaved off his facial hair and returned to his fresh-faced look ahead of his anniversary with his girlfriend, model Barbara Palvin, with whom he has been living in lockdown.

"It's time the quarantine beard leaves this mortal plane for the fields of Valhalla," he wrote on Instagram. "Every man knows the ancient verse written in relationship law... the dreaded 'shave for our anniversary?' Swipe to see the horrifying results."

Shaving off your beard after a long time can be a huge transformation. Like when Jason Momoa went clean-shaven and used the moment to raise awareness of the pollution caused by single-use plastics. Or more recently actor Joe Manganiello, who looks like a completely different person without his trademark facial hair.

It's not uncommon to surprise yourself with how young you look when you're newly clean-shaven. Baby-faced, even. And Dylan is no exception. He even joked about his youthful appearance by including a photo of himself from his child acting days. (The pic might look familiar, but no, Dylan didn't play Ross's kid on Friends; that was Cole.)

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