Dylan Dreyer Revealed a Surprising TV Career Update and 'Today' Fans Are Rejoicing

Dylan Dreyer Revealed a Surprising TV Career Update and 'Today' Fans Are Rejoicing

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Apart from starring on the Today show and celebrating her new children's book release, Dylan Dreyer is also prepping for the return of Earth Odyssey.

Since the Today show news anchor became the host of the travel series in 2019, Earth Odyssey has gone on to produce over 150 episodes worth of television. Well, according to Dylan's new Instagram, viewers can expect new episodes to start airing later this summer. She recently uploaded a series of behind-the-scenes moments while filming, from taping a spot with numerous wildlife to taking a selfie with a giraffe more than a head taller.

"I’ve had quite the day filming @nbcearthodyssey," she wrote on April 28. "I’ve been kissed by binturong, photobombed by a giraffe, fed a tamandua, held a parakeet, and met a baby sloth. You’re not going to want to miss these episodes … airing in June on @nbc @themoreyouknow (not shown: big wet fishy kiss from a 500 lb grey seal)."

When Today show fans discovered that Dylan was putting the final touches on the latest addition of Earth Odyssey, they were thrilled by the news. Many immediately reacted in the comments, stating how excited they were to see her back in nature with a new slate of stories to tell.

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"Exciting day. Interesting shows coming up in June. Can’t wait to watch," one person wrote on Instagram. "Thanks for sharing these photos/videos. I love your show. How fun to interact with such interesting creatures. 😊," a different follower commented. "You go girl!! Love your show!! Can’t wait! 😍," another user added.

Just because Dylan announced more episodes will air in June, it doesn't mean people can't watch the show before then. The series airs Saturday mornings on NBC (and later on Peacock), with new episodes already premiering starting in mid-April. As far as what novel animals folks will learn about, they'll just have to tune in to find out.

What's more, this isn't the first time Dylan has spoked out about the hit NBC docuseries. She announced the filming of her 500th segment back in May 2022, with lots more in store a year later. If this is the pace she's working on, we can't wait to announce when she's wrapped 1,000 episodes.

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