Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union Threw Zaya a 13th Birthday Party Fit For Royalty - See Photos

Zaya Wade celebrated her 13th birthday in modern Medieval style, with King Dwyane Wade and Queen Gabrielle Union by her side. The proud parents welcomed Zaya into her teenage years by throwing a party worthy of royalty, and thanks to photographer Ayanna McKnight, we got a peek at the festivities.

In the snaps, Zaya, Gabrielle, and Dwyane are all decked out like they're heading to the castle - with brightly-colored hair, of course. "Best day!!" Gabrielle Union wrote on Twitter. "So glad we were able to create a special day for her 13th birthday. She was surrounded by love and had the best time!" Ahead, check out photos from the party to see how the family brought the Medieval times back to life.


Zaya Wade Makes Her Red Carpet Debut With Proud Parents Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union

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