Dwight enters The Matrix in newly released Office cold open

Reid McCarter
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The goofy, fun-loving team of workers at the NBCUniversal offices have officially moved The Office onto Peacock in a process that we imagine would have been accompanied by all sorts of hilarious antics if only a documentary camera crew was on hand to film their daily lives. To mark the occasion of the show settling into its new streaming home, the company has also released one of its promised bonus features for free: An unused, Matrix-themed cold open from the show’s ninth season.

The clip, which is actually more timely now that another Matrix movie is on the horizon, sees Dwight have the opportunity to get redpilled (which, in the other use of the term, his character probably would have been in 2021) through an elaborate prank. Jim and Pam, those rascals, train a black cat to walk by Dwight’s office door twice, send him green-text-on-black-screen computer messages, and tell him to sneak into the warehouse, where they’ve somehow convinced Hank The Security Guard to dress up like Morpheus and do a Laurence Fishburne impression.

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Hank’s “Dorpheus” (“I’m Morpheus’s brother,” Hank explains), leads Dwight down the rabbit hole while Jim and Pam, enjoying their seemingly limitless resources and free time, look on through a surveillance camera. There’s even a twist ending, which you can watch for yourself. Or, if you don’t care about either The Matrix or The Office, you can just enjoy a few seconds of a cat eating some cat treats about a minute into the video.

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