Duux Bora Smart 20L Dehumidifier review: an efficient device that extracts moisture in hours

 Duux Bora Smart 20L Dehumidifier .
Duux Bora Smart 20L Dehumidifier .

There's no doubt that the best dehumidifiers have become an essential investment for homeowners, especially during the winter months. Not only do they reduce condensation, but they're able to combat damp and mould, something that can be incredibly difficult to remove once it takes form.

Recently, these dehumidifiers have been getting even smarter, with many models able to detect humidity levels or be controlled remotely. One example of this is the Bora Smart 20L Dehumidifier by Duux, labelled as the ‘smart swap’ for those looking to reduce moisture in the home. After a quick look at its features, I was extremely excited to try it out. Keep reading to find out what my thoughts were exactly...

Duux Bora Smart 20L Dehumidifier: Price and availability

The Bora retails for an RRP £299.99 and is available from Duux and a few major UK retailers, including Currys and Very. It's also available to purchase in most of Europe.

At the time of writing this, it's currently reduced on Amazon by £50, taking it down to £249.99. Take a look for yourself:

Duux Bora Smart 20L Dehumidifier: was £299.99, now £249.99 at Amazon (save £50)
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Duux Bora Smart 20L Dehumidifier: unboxing and set up

Unboxing the Duux Bora Smart 20L Dehumidifier was a relatively easy experience. The only thing I had to do was take off the frame and insert the carbon filter in the holder, before putting the frame back on. The User Manual did a good job of explaining this, and it wasn't long before I plugged the Bora in and got it going.

I soon discovered that the Bora was on the heavier side, but discovering it had wheels was a relief. When the tank is empty, it's absolutely fine to carry upstairs, but I wouldn't recommend it when it's full of water. The handle was also strong, and I didn't feel worried about carrying it to my second floor. The wheels make it easy to transport from room to room, however full the tank is.

Duux Bora Smart 20L Dehumidifier
Duux Bora Smart 20L Dehumidifier

Duux Bora Smart 20L Dehumidifier: design and features

There are two main ways to control the Bora, the LED operating panel or via the app. I began with the LED panel, and soon discovered there were a huge amount of functions. Although a little intimidating at first, it's clear that Duux has considered the multiple benefits of dehumidifiers, implementing the very best features into the Bora.

To begin, there are two operation modes: Auto and Continuous. Auto reacts to the ambient humidity, adjusting the fan speed and extraction rate according to how much moisture there is in the air. Continuous mode will activate the compressor and fan at high speed, regardless of the ambient humidity. There's also an option to manually set the fan speed.

I was impressed to find a child lock feature, which can be activated by holding the key for three seconds. The LED panel will show LC once it's turn on, meaning all buttons are disabled until the lock is removed.

There's also a timer feature which allows the Bora to automatically shut down after the set time has been selected. This is great if you're heading out for the day and want your dehumidifier to work without running up electricity costs.

Other features include Night Mode, reducing its sound and dimming the LED display when activated, and Cleaning Mode which prevents the growth of mould and bacteria inside the device itself.

Duux Bora Smart 20L Dehumidifier
Duux Bora Smart 20L Dehumidifier

The second way to control the Bora is through the app, which was easy to download and complete registration. One registered, you just select add duux device on the main screen, search for Bora and press to continue. I then connected to my WiFi and followed further instructions to complete the pairing process. It was an easy process that was finalised in no time at all.

One of my favourite things about the Bora is the full water tank feature. When the tank is filled to capacity, the icon on the LED display will start flashing and an FL symbol appears. This then automatically stops the compressor and fan, and a beep will sound for 10 times to remind you to empty it. There are a lot of good dehumidifiers that don't have this, leaving you to guess when the tank is full and risking water infiltrating the device or leaking out. When the Bora's emptied water tank is placed back inside, it will automatically resume.

I was also impressed to see that a drain tube was supplied for those who don't want to frequently drain water from the water tank. This can be connected on the back of the Bora for continuous drainage. I didn't try this as I was happy emptying the tank when needed, but I noticed the User Manual explained it very well.

Duux Bora Smart 20L Dehumidifier
Duux Bora Smart 20L Dehumidifier

Duux Bora Smart 20L Dehumidifier: performance

After a bit of research, I'd heard that the Duux app wasn't the most seamless. I was aware that an update was taking place, so I waited for that to be confirmed before trialling it out.

Once it was connected, I found that the app worked well when I was sat near the Bora and had recently interacted with it. It allows you to set up schedules and control it remotely, which I found especially useful when working in the other room. If you have other Duux products, it also allows you to manage and overlook your own ecosystem, which is always going to be an attractive feature.

However, I found that when I accessed the app having not used it for a few hours, it would have disconnected itself from the dehumidifier. This got quite frustrating after a while, and I found myself having to get up and 'wake up' the Bora to make the app start working again. That being said, the voice commands via my Amazon Alexa did work, so that was good.

Duux Bora Smart 20L Dehumidifier
Duux Bora Smart 20L Dehumidifier

However, when it comes to the actual functioning of the Bora, I was extremely impressed. I'm rather lucky that there isn't a worrying amount of damp in my house, but I do find myself having to wipe condensation from the front door and window sills. However, after just one night of using the Bora, the front door was completely dry the next morning. This also became the case for the window sills a few days later.

Within the first three days, I was emptying the tank four times a day. As this began to reduce, I could tell that the levels of moisture were diminishing, and that the Bora was doing its job really well.

I was also impressed with the fitted carbon filter, which is specifically designed to extract gases and odours to ensure clean and breathable air. I found that it efficiently removed any unpleasant odours from the air, and my home would feel fresh whenever I walked through the door.

I did find that the Bora wasn't as quiet as it's marketed to be, and it definitely wasn't quiet enough for me to sleep in the room with it. However, I was able to hear the volume reduction when in Night Mode, and for some deep sleepers, I'm sure it'd be absolutely fine.

Duux Bora Smart 20L Dehumidifier: verdict

I was very impressed with the Bora Smart 20L Dehumidifier by Duux, and found that it worked brilliantly. It was able to extract a significant amount of moisture in a short time, and its multiple features are able to optimise the user experience particularly well. Unfortunately, the Duux app did let it down, so if you're looking for a dehumidifier that is controlled remotely for ease of use, this isn't the one for you.

Duux Bora Smart 20L Dehumidifier: alternative to consider

As Duux's Bora Smart 20L Dehumidifier is on the larger side, one alternative to consider would be the Meaco 25L Ultra Low Energy Dehumidifier. Despite its size (64cm x 38 x 29), it’s an impressive model that has four main operating modes for users to make the most of it. Meaco is also a well-known and respected brand, which is always a good place to start.