Dunkin's Leaked Winter Menu Includes A Sweet New Coffee Flavor And Returning Faves

Dunkin' coffee cup and donut
Dunkin' coffee cup and donut - Pere Rubi/Shutterstock

Winter officially kicks off on December 21, and just a few days later, Dunkin's winter menu kicks off in honor of the season. If you're lamenting the impending end of the holiday menu, fear not; some familiar items will be heading to the fast food chain starting on December 27. And, thanks to the @Snackolator Instagram account that reportedly leaked the upcoming menu, we think we know what to expect. Beloved food and beverages from years past as well as brand-new options will arrive to ensure that you have a cozy and sufficiently caffeinated winter.

If you're familiar with past Dunkin' winter menus, you may be excited to see the returning items. The Pancake Wake-Up Wraps from last year will return. This sweet and salty treat includes half of an egg, melted cheese, and bacon or sausage wrapped in a pancake with syrup for dipping. For another combo of sweet and savory, the Sweet Black Pepper Snacking Bacon is also returning. And, it's also available in the form of the Sweet Black Pepper Bacon Sandwich.

As for drinks, 2020's Pink Velvet Macchiato is returning. Fans missed this Valentine's Day flavor last year, and for good reason. Aesthetically, this pink-colored drink is ready for Valentine's Day. But it's got more than just its looks. It combines espresso, red velvet cake flavoring, and a bit of cream cheese icing flavor. The drink can be served hot or iced.

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What's New On Dunkin's 2023 Winter Menu?

heart-shaped doughnuts
heart-shaped doughnuts - ER_09/Shutterstock

In addition to the fan favorites that will be making a comeback for the winter season, there are some fun and festive new options. For the new coffee option, Dunkin' will offer The White Hazelnut Bark coffee. This seemingly sweet drink is available in hot or iced form, and while there aren't any specific details on what this entails just yet, some might argue that you can't go wrong with a hazelnut coffee to warm up during the chilly months.

Fans will apparently have a chance to try the White Hazelnut Bark coffee with another new treat that's hitting the menu: the Frosted Red Velvet Donut. This red velvet cake donut is covered in cream cheese icing and cream cheese chocolate curls. Dunkin' is, of course, known for its donuts, so it'll be bringing back the Valentine's Day variety starting on January 31. The fan-favorite Brownie Batter Donut, the Cupid's Choice, and heart-shaped and sprinkled donuts will be available just in time for the holiday of love.

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