Dunkin' Donuts hates 2020 as much as we do

Summer 2020, which basically didn’t even happen, is wrapping up and every day feels like nothing makes any sense and time doesn’t exist. We’re all feeling it, but we’re not alone. A Dunkin’ Donuts sign went viral on Twitter for having a truly bizarre message. “Uh oh spicy! Pumpkin! Hahahaha pumpkin tasty,” the sign reads. “Dunkin Donuts is out here having a breakdown like the rest of us,” said Twitter user @tdwightdavis. The original photo was taken by another Twitter user, Jesenia Santana or @notjambalaya, who drove by the sign on her way to work in Portland, Maine. The sign’s message is apparently a play on a very odd video from 2016, so many meme connoisseurs appreciated the reference. Unfortunately, someone drove by the sign and saw that an employee — who may or may not have been responsible for it in the first place — was taking the message down. “RIP forest ave Dunkin sign, you were a fleeting treasure”. In a meta twist, Dunkin’ Donuts’ Twitter got in on the fun too, saying “Could Pumpkin save 2020??”