Dunkin’ Donuts Giving Away Free Iced Coffee Every Monday This August

Madison Vanderberg

Dunkin’ Donuts brings back Free Donut Fridays and introduces Free Coffee Monday

It’s summer, it’s hot, your place of business is likely closed, you’re not sure what’s open or safe anymore — so what do you do with your free time? You drink iced coffees and try not to think too much about the pandemic, is what. Starting tomorrow August 3rd, 2020, you can get a free medium coffee (iced or hot, but who wants hot coffee in this heat?) at any Dunkin’ Donuts location as part of their new Free Coffee Mondays initiative for the month of August. Not only that, but the coffee and donut emporium is bringing back Free Donut Fridays because it’s the little things like free coffee and donuts that are gonna get us through this pandemic summer, okay?

To take advantage of Free Coffee Mondays and Free Donut Fridays, you have to be a DD Perks member, which is as easy to join as downloading their app (that’s literally how you join, just download their app). The promotion will run throughout the month of August, so in terms of free coffee that means August 3, 10, and 17 — so mark your calendar or whatever you do to keep track of the days during this bizarre coronavirus slog. Yes, it’s only available for one month, but Free Donut Fridays originally launched in March and ran until May, so clearly, these promotions can be revived at any moment. The free coffee on Mondays is free as long as you purchase a food item, and the free donuts on Fridays are free with a drink purchase, which makes sense because you gotta get an iced coffee with your donut when you’re at Dunkin’ — you just gotta.

“Whether they need a little extra boost to kickstart their week or a sweet treat to celebrate the end of the week, we want our loyal guests to know we’ve got their backs when they may need it most,” the company said in a statement.

Oh, and you’ll know it’s safe inside the store because starting August 5, 2020 — all Dunkin’ locations will require guests to wear cloth face coverings. Free coffee and adhering to CDC guidelines?!?! Be still my caffeine-loving heart.


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