Dunkin' Customer On TikTok Shares How To Order A 'Cheaper' Iced Chai With This Viral Hack

dunkin sign
dunkin sign

Have you ever wondered what secret hacks out there can get you cheaper drinks at your favorite coffee shop? Well, TikToker @thotropica has your answer. This TikToker headed to the Dunkin’ drive through to see if she could order a drink that would taste like a chai, but cost way less. A normal medium iced chai tea latte costs around $5, and while @thotropica got her drink for free using the points system, it certainly would’ve come down to less than $5. Keep reading for all the details.

TikToker Hacks The Dunkin Menu For Cheaper Iced Chai Latte

In the video, @thotropica films herself ordering the drink, so followers know exactly what to say if they were to try it themselves. “Can I please do a small iced black tea?” she begins with.

“And can I add two pumps of churro syrup to that? And then can I also add almond milk so it’s really milky? Kind of like a chai?” she asks.

The drink came out the exact same shade as Dunkin’s original iced chai latte, and when @thotropica took her first sip, it was clear it tastes the same too. “Okay, this slaps,” she said.

“Oh my gosh. This is so refreshing, this is so good!” she says. This drink comes out to about $3.50, depending on your location, so it’s definitely cheaper than a regular iced chai!

TikTokers Can't Wait To Try The New Dunkin' Hack

@thotropica's video generated a ton of comments from fans who were very impressed with her secret menu hack. "It's like boba tea without the boba," one person said. "I'm stunned and running to get my car keys!"


"Oh I'm getting this tomorrow thank you!" another added.


"YAY!" another person commented. "New drink unlocked!"


"This is honestly such a good idea," another person said. "The way I never would've thought of this."


"Sis doing god's work," a final person said.