I Dumped My Nightly Glass of Wine After Trying This Trendy Alcohol-Free Cocktail

Macy Cate Williams

After a busy day of work, I like winding down with a glass of wine in the evening. The problem with my ritual is that it can lead to headaches and extra calories my body doesn't need. Frankly, I have never found an alternative that both tastes good and destresses me until I finally tried Kin Euphorics . I've seen the trendy, aesthetically pleasing brand all over Instagram, but does it actually work? Its nonalcoholic drinks promise to put you in a "euphoric" state, which is quite enticing, especially during shelter-in-place boredom.

Ahead, I break down all the info you need about three offerings from Kin Euphorics. Spoiler alert: I have a favorite among the bunch that has replaced my glass of wine entirely. In fact, I look forward to drinking it and plan to buy more ASAP. Keep reading to get the details.


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