Dua Lipa's Abs Are So Toned Doing An Intense Yoga Move In This IG Video

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Photo credit: Antony Jones - Getty Images
Photo credit: Antony Jones - Getty Images

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  • Dua Lipa's abs are truly next-level toned in a new post on Instagram.

  • In the IG video, the singer, 26, shows off her yoga skills and makes a headstand look wildly easy...which it definitely isn't!

  • To stay fit, Dua does a mix of yoga, strength training, sprints, bodyweight workouts, and resistance band training.

Dua Lipa is making the hard stuff look easy in her latest Instagram post. The 26-year-old "Levitating" songstress showed off her yoga skills in a 45-second video, and she absolutely crushed an advanced Yoga headstand pose. And she did it all while wearing a simple matching set that showed off her sculpted core.

"This morning in Copenhagen ~ filming a little something @service95 @annie.moves 🧘🏻♀️," Dua captioned the post.

Her followers were truly impressed by how much control she had during her yoga routine. "The body is giving," one fan wrote. "Absolutely sensational 🔥😍❤️," added another. "ROCK SOLID 🔥🔥," chimed a third user.

If it wasn't clear from her video, Dua does a lot of yoga to stay fit. She takes classes with Annie Locke—and has shown off a few other yoga sequences on her Instagram story in the past.

P.S. If you're wondering about the matching set she's wearing in the video, you can find a similar style here.

But when she's not doing yoga, Dua's in the gym doing strength training with different trainers. Sora Connor, who works with Dua, told Women's Health that they always "work the entire body.” “Sometimes it's more core-focused. Other times, it's glutes," said Connor. "The main objective is to work the muscles so that they become strong and toned, but the focus is on creating a long, lean line.”

Dua has also trained under Peter MacIver, who revealed that they do sprints, bodyweight workouts, and resistance band training together, per Women’s Health UK.

As for her diet, Dua loves cooking fresh, nutritious food as a way to unwind. "With all the running around I do for work, it’s nice to come home, slow down, and connect with the food that nourishes my body and life," she told Refinery29. She also has a bit of a sweet tooth. Her go-to dessert? Olive oil ice cream.

Now, that sounds like something I need to try ASAP!

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