Due to the hurricane, Disney World has removed some construction walls — which means we can see Star Wars Land

Due to the hurricane, Disney World has removed some construction walls — which means we can see Star Wars Land

First and foremost, there is a Category 5 hurricane, Hurricane Irma, hurtling toward Florida at a rapid speed and we hope everyone in the Sunshine State is staying as safe as possible, evacuating if that’s been ordered, and has plenty of water.

While Irma’s path across Florida is still unclear (it’s not expected to make landfall until the weekend), Disney World has already started preparing for torrential rain and high winds. Things that can be bolted down have been bolted down, and things that are likely to blow away in the gusts of wind — like say, a fence and a tarp — have been removed. This means that many of the construction walls around Star Wars Land have come down. And this means we can see the outskirts of Star Wars Land, and yes please.

Work over at Hollywood Studios is chugging right along, and the area outside of Star Wars Land — or fine, Galaxy’s Edge — is being remodeled. Gone are the Streets of America, and say hello to Disney’s latest addition, Grand Avenue. Our friends over at WDW News Today captured some video of the new area, and even though it’s only maybe like 70% done, it looks gorgeous.

While this isn’t the most exciting peak at the construction we’ve ever seen, there’s certainly a lot going on here. And, more importantly, from just looking at it you can tell this is the future Galaxy’s Edge. That slate grey is basically a trademark color for the Star Wars universe.

The Grand Avenue is scheduled to open up this fall, with Galaxy’s Edge opening sometime in 2019.