Dude Picking Up Random Street Cats Is Too Adorable for Words

Just a sweet guy testing out cat's temperaments, no big.

There's just something so amazingly sweet and calming about this following video. TikTok user @Catluminati has a very sweet hobby, and that's that he just wanders around his neighborhood petting and picking up all the cats he encounters. Strays and cats with homes alike. And the wild thing? All the cats are totally happy about it. 

Just watch this sweet video and try to explain why all the cats just love this guy. He's got some magical power with the felines! 

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All the cats are so friendly and seem so happy to be picked up! @Skndulge is having a hard time believing how nice they are, and comments, "I wanna see the fails because you are really playing with fire picking up random cats!" He's just the cat whisperer! @Readerlady50 adds, "I love how you're so gentle when you pick them up." @Michelle says "You are my safe space, please never stop." Awww, it's true, this video just takes us to our happy place. 

It goes without saying, you should always approach a stray cat (Or any animal for that matter!) with caution. Then again, if any of these floofs approached us on our daily walk, we'd have a hard time saying no to snuggles! 

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