Duck Fat Is The Simple Swap That Will Level Up Your Homemade Mayo

Mayo in bowl on cutting board
Mayo in bowl on cutting board - Elena Hramova/Shutterstock

One of the advantages of making homemade mayo is that you can combine your own ingredients to create flavors not commonly found in stores. Brands like Hellmann's and Duke's have some flavor varieties, however, they don't make every flavor. Sometimes, sriracha and chipotle just aren't the right match for your sandwich or salad. And let's face it: When it comes to quality, what's better than actually making your own homemade condiment? The freshness and taste of homemade mayo is like night and day compared to what you'd get at the store or a fast food joint. In fact, mayo was once considered a luxury food, so it's definitely worth it to make the best at home!

When it comes to ingredients, there are so many you can use to bring a unique taste to your homemade mayo. Some of the most flavorful condiments consist of honey mustard mayo, raspberry mayo, and even caramelized apple mayo. But what if you're looking for something with more of a savory appeal? Maybe even a smoky and umami type of taste? Well, duck fat is the perfect ingredient to use and it will take your homemade mayo into a whole new territory of incredible flavors.

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The Best Duck Fat For Your Homemade Mayo

Raw duck breast on plate
Raw duck breast on plate - Milen Kanev/Shutterstock

In order to extract this delicious ingredient yourself, you'll want to get a duck breast and score the fat by dragging a knife blade across it every ½ inch. You can also rotate the breast and slice across the fat again to do a crosshatch -- making sure not to cut into the meat below. Now, get a pan and pour in a little oil, then turn the heat on low. Place your breasts fat-side down in the pan and cook for around 30 to 45 minutes -- draining off and saving the rendered fat as you go. When making any duck recipe, you'll also render fat that can be saved whether it's cooked in the oven or on the stovetop. You can save duck fat in an air-tight jar in the refrigerator for up to 1 month.

When it comes to buying duck fat, you definitely have some great options available to you. You may be better off getting duck fat from farmer's markets for the best quality. You want to try to get duck fat with no antibiotics or hormones, this usually means the fat has a richer flavor. There are also lots of options online and some big chain stores like Whole Foods also sell containers of quality duck fat. Just make sure it's pure and fresh with a light golden color and creamy appearance.

Other Ways To Use Duck Fat

Fried chicken and french fries
Fried chicken and french fries - Aleaimage/Getty Images

After you've enjoyed the taste of duck fat mayo in your meals, you might be left wondering, "What else can I do with this?" Here are some ideas for you. Because it has a high smoke point, you can fry chicken in duck fat instead of regular oil. When eating your fried chicken, you'll notice even more flavor and texture in every crunchy bite. You can use the duck fat to fry other foods, too. The next time you want to make french fries, swap out that canola or vegetable oil and use your duck fat.

If you want a nice delicious sear on your meat, put some duck fat in the pan. You can even use it next time you make more duck! There's also the unique option of using melted duck fat on your popcorn instead of butter. If you're in the mood to eat something leafy, you can use duck fat as the oil component in salad dressing. You can go wild with it. Now you'll be able to enjoy your duck fat in as many meals as you can.

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