Dua Lipa Rocked The Tiniest Bikini You've Ever Seen, And Her Six-Pack Abs Are Crazy Fierce

Dua Lipa Rocked The Tiniest Bikini You've Ever Seen, And Her Six-Pack Abs Are Crazy Fierce
  • Dua Lipa just made a majorly exciting announcement.

  • On a recent Instagram photo dump, the 27-year-old pop star told the world that she’s starting a Service95 book club. Of course, fans couldn’t help but notice her insanely toned abs in the snaps!

  • Dua is famously into working out and moving her body. She loves to mix things up with HIIT, Pilates, or spinning—but yoga is her true love.

Dua Lipa has a lot on her plate—what with being an international pop star and all. But our girl is about to get even busier: She just decided to launch her own book club, and made the big announcement on Instagram, along with several pics of herself reading.

“SERVICE95 BOOK CLUB!!!” she wrote. “Ever since I can remember, anywhere I go I take a book with me. Reading is an incredibly important part of my life and one of my biggest joys. I’m so excited to start the @service95 Book Club where we can share that joy of discovery with each other. Each month, we’re going to go deep on our Book of the Month with author interviews, features that add context about the book, recommended further reading and so much more! I’m so excited to read along with you 📚❤️ @service95.”

Cut to photos of the 27-year-old songstress reading just about everywhere—showing off her toned abs a sequined string bikini while reading on a tree next to water; holding up a book next to her strong legs in what appears to be a hotel room; lounging on a towel in another bikini; on a plane, a couch, another plane…it’s clear that Dua loves reading!

People cheered her on in the comments. “The Lipa library 📚 is now open,” one wrote. While another said, “we love a smart queen 👸🏽.” Even British Vogue editor-in-chief chimed in: “I cannot wait for the book club ❤️”

The book club is super exciting, but it’s hard to miss the fact that Dua looks super fit in all the pics, too. What does she do to stay so strong?

For starters, she’s heavy into yoga. Check out this video of her doing a tripod headstand and just try not to be impressed:

She also did this crow’s pose into tripod headstand in front of a stunning landscape last year:

That’s not ~all~ she does for fitness, though. In fact, Dua shared with Viva in 2018 that she tries to “work out as much as I can.”

“It's such a busy lifestyle, I feel like I need to try and do something for myself every day,” she said. “I love doing something that's really fast and quick, like a 15-minute HIIT session which I can do before I start my day. If I've got a really early call time I don't want to be waking up hours before I need to, to go and do a workout. So a high-intensity workout, shower, breakfast, and I'm on my way.”

When she has more time, though, she said likes “mixing up lots of different training” and finding new workouts in whatever city she’s in. That can mean yoga, along with Pilates, boxing, or spinning. “Whatever it is, I try to change it up every day to keep things interesting,” she said.

Dua is a morning exerciser, and she told Refinery29 that gives her a mental boost, too. “Getting physical really starts my day off right,” she said. Dancing is in the mix, too, with Dua saying that “ I like to leave my cardio workout to dancing.”

Dua’s trainer Sora Connor previously told Women’s Health that she and Dua always work her entire body. “Sometimes it's more core-focused, other times its glutes,” she said. “The main objective is to work the muscles so that they become strong and toned but the focus is on creating a long, lean line.”

I mean, mission accomplished!

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