Dua Lipa Brings the Party to Fall in a Ruffled Orange Halter Top and Snakeskin Pants

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Photo credit: Raymond Hall - Getty Images
Photo credit: Raymond Hall - Getty Images

Hello to Dua Lipa and Dua Lipa only, because the “Sweetest Pie” singer just declared that orange is *thee* color of the fall and we can’t get enough of it.

Dua gave us a lesson in dopamine dressing (a.k.a. dressing in a colorful, joyful way that boosts your mood) with her latest ensemble, which she showcased in an Instagram photo dump captioned "BARRAGÁN HEAVEN.” The singer posed in front of Casa Luis Barragán, the former house of architect Luis Barragán, known for its brightly-colored orange and (dare we say?) Barbie/Valentino pink walls.

Dua wore an asymmetrical orange halter top with textured, 3D ruffles and loose strings hanging down from the hem, paired with slouchy, dark brown snakeskin jeans. Orange pointed-toe heels peeked out of her reptilian pants, and she carried a fluffy, pea green shoulder bag to tote around her necessities. The singer, who is currently at the tail end of her international Future Nostalgia tour, wore her black hair straight down her back with minimal visible makeup.

Dua Lipa visited the iconic residence with recently-married designer Simon Porte Jacquemus, who joined her in a mini runway walk on the premises. The two appeared to tour the house together, as Dua’s photo dump showed her walking through a white tiled bathroom, a sun-soaking dining area, a spacious outdoor courtyard, and a cozy living room. Naturally, the fashion queen had to snap some outfit pics of herself and Jacquemus in the aesthetically-pleasing space.

We haven’t seen Dua Lipa hit the red carpet in a while due to her world tour, and she skipped the VMAs to attend Jacquemus’ wedding in Charleval, France, but we’ve been #blessed by all of her incredible on-stage looks (like that alligator skin bodysuit) and the day-to-day 'fits that she showcases on Instagram. The world is your runway, Dua!

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