Drs. Rodan and Fields Name the Top Anti-Aging Product in Their Collection

Stanford-trained dermatologists Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields are the forces of nature behind one of the biggest beauty brands in the biz right now, Rodan + Fields. Yes, these women are good at product development—from Lash Boost to UNBLEMISH, you can't go a day without seeing someone promoting them on social media—but what they really know well is the skin, and what it needs to look its absolute best. Here, the doctors dish on everything from skin care trends for 2018 to the product they rank number one in their lineup for tackling signs of aging. 

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1. In your opinion, what is the number-one skin care mistake women make?
"Treating their skin based on their skin type, i.e. dry, oily or combination. While your skin type is an important factor in determining the type of formulation you select, treating for your particular skin concern ensures the maximum results from your routine. As dermatologists, we can with authority say, no one has 'perfect' skin. Just about all of us have an issue we deal with and often use makeup to conceal. By selecting the right product regimen to address your specific concern, such as acne, pigmentation, sensitivity or aging, you should be able to achieve the best skin of your life. This is the philosophy of Rodan + Fields. Unlike our patients in the early days of our practices who were willing to buy expensive products and accept minimal results, we think people should expect more and witness the dramatic improvement that comes from using the right ingredients in the right formulations and in the right order. We firmly believe that what you do every day to take care of your skin can potentially provide greater long-term benefits than a procedure in our medical offices."

2. Why do you think UNBLEMISH has become such a cult-favorite product? How does it differ from other acne treatments?
The industry standard is to spot-treat a blemish once it becomes visible on the skin’s surface. However, based on research and our clinical practices, the acne cycle begins forming deep inside the skin weeks before a breakout erupts. Powered by Multi-Med Therapy, the UNBLEMISH regimen includes a combination of two over-the-counter medicines to effectively treat existing breakouts and interrupt the acne process inside the skin, thereby preventing future breakouts from occurring. In addition to medications to unclog pores, kill acne bacteria and soothe dry, irritated skin, it also contains active cosmetic agents to support the skin barrier, reduce visible redness and brighten pigmentation, making it a comprehensive system designed to restore a clear, healthy-looking complexion."

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3. What skin care trends do you think will be big in 2018?
"Personalization. Consumers are looking for products to address their individual skin care needs. Individualized skin analysis, information on product safety and efficacy, and recommendations made by trusted sources will influence product purchases.

Results. Ten years ago, our patients had minimal expectations when it came to product performance despite putting great effort and expense into their skin care routines. Today’s consumer expects more. They want products that multitask, address their individual skin concerns and deliver an 'effortlessly' beautiful complexion."

4. If you had to name one product from your entire lineup that is best for minimizing signs of aging, what would it be?
REDEFINE Intensive Renewing Serum with our proprietary Retinal-MD technology. As dermatologists, we have long touted the proven anti-aging benefits of prescription tretinoin (Retin-A). Unfortunately, most of our patients (us included) cannot tolerate the irritation and redness that results from nightly use. Because our inspiration for all Rodan + Fields products comes from our patients with a mission to give our customers professional level results, we challenged our in-house scientists to engineer a molecule that provides the benefits of tretinoin without the irritation. They succeeded! Retinal, a next-generation retinoid, is 20 times more efficient than retinol and the highest-efficiency vitamin A available without a prescription. Packaged in single-use capsules, protecting the formula from light and oxygen to maintain potency, this product gives skin a firmer, more radiant complexion with visible improvement in lines and creases."

5. Will R+F be launching any new products in 2018 that women should be excited about?
Yes, stay tuned. We have some exciting product launches scheduled in 2018 that further extend our mission to give people the best skin of their lives."