Driver Accidentally Leaves His Wife Behind During Bathroom Stop, Forcing Her to Walk Over 12 Miles to Seek Help

A man accidentally drove off without his wife during a bathroom stop, leaving her to walk 12.5 miles to find help. Boontom Chaimoon, 55, from Chonburi Province, Thailand, will never live down that he abandoned his wife Amnuay Chaimoon, 49, by the side of the road in the middle of the night on Christmas Day. Here's what his explanation was for not realizing she was not in the car and what his wife had to do to get help.


Early Start

The Chaimoons left their home at 3 am to drive to spend the holidays in her hometown of Maha Sarakham Province. The drive went smoothly until Boontom decided he needed to urinate urgently and didn't want to wait for a gas station, despite his wife's protestations.


Bathroom Break

Boontom pulled the car over and got out to urinate. His wife decided to went into the forest to do so. Her husband apparently didn't realize she had gotten out of the car. When she came back to the road, the car was gone, and so was her husband.



Amnuay found herself stranded by the side of the road, with her phone inside a bag, on the passenger seat of the car. She had no choice but to start walking and arrived at the district of Kabin Buri (12.4 miles away) at 5 am. Amnuay headed for the police station to ask for help.


Phone Problems

Amnuay did not know her husband's phone number by heart, and when reporters called her own phone, no one picked up, despite over 20 calls made. It wasn't until 8 am that authorities finally got a hold of her husband, who was now 100 miles away in Korat province.



Bontoom immediately turned the car around when he realized he'd left his wife behind. The embarrassed driver said he thought Amnuay was asleep in the back and apologized to his wife when he finally got back to Kabin Buri. Amnuay says the couple have been married for 27 years and have a 26-year-old son, and she didn't even argue with him when he picked her up.