This Drink is Going Viral For Helping People Feel Great After Drinking

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We’ve all been there before: it’s 7:30 am, your lips feel like the bottom of boots that just crossed the Sahara Desert, your tongue feels like a dry lump in your mouth, and the throbbing headache convinces you that there’s an entire EDM festival inside your skull. Yep, you overdid it, and now you’re feeling those nasty pernicious effects of alcohol. It happens to the best of us and has probably occurred more than once. The “work hard, play hard” concept is one many people across the world embrace and is also prevalent in many professional work cultures. Many people enjoy having a few drinks with their friends or coworkers and even getting a little bit wild from time to time. After all, we have to enjoy life every once in a while.

However, the morning after can be brutal. No matter how much fun you and your coworkers had throwing back tequila shots to do some team bonding, or how nice the person who offered to buy you a drink was, the next morning might greet you with a raging headache. Nothing is fun when you’re feeling the effects of too much drinking, and there are too many symptoms to even count; dry mouth and the headache are just the tip of the iceberg. You may also experience body chills, gastrointestinal disturbance and discomfort, acid reflux, nausea, indigestion, and more. A glass of water and a shower will only go so far when you’re dealing with all of these symptoms at once.

With the massive popularity of drinking and partying, the lack of beverages proven to address rough mornings came as a major surprise to Sisun Lee when he returned from a trip to his homeland of South Korea. South Korea also embodies a rich culture of work hard, play hard mentality, but Lee realized the markets over there were already saturated with botanicals and other drinks promising to help consumers get rid of symptoms associated with drinking.

Coming to this realization is precisely what led Lee to eventually partner with Dr. Jing Liang at the University of Southern California to create Morning Recovery. It is a preventative drink that is clinically proven to help you feel better the next day and minimize symptoms associated with drinking such as headaches, heart pounding, concentration problems, and clumsiness.

Dr. Liang was the head of research and played an integral role in the creation of the first version of Morning Recovery. Morning Recovery was developed as a preventative drink meant to be consumed while drinking as opposed to taking it the next day, and it’s the ingredients that truly make Morning Recovery stand out; especially when compared to other similar products released in the wake of Morning Recovery.

Hydration alone won’t relieve heavy symptoms associated with drinking. By focusing on prevention of symptoms rather than retroactively addressing them after the harm has already been done, Morning Recovery provides a superior solution over hydration powders and similar beverages.

But the proof is in the science. In a clinical study, users of Morning Recovery felt up to 80%+ better than those without Morning Recovery across multiple symptoms after heavy drinking.

Looking at the Ingredients of Morning Recovery

First and foremost, one of the reasons that Morning Recovery stands above its competition is its ingredient list. Where Morning Recover focus on prevention of symptoms and also uses a blend of super herbs, adaptogens, vitamins, and minerals to help your body replace lost nutrients and rehydrate to help you feel better the next day, other recovery solutions can’t say the same; those often use a combination of aspirin and caffeine in their morning-after remedy. Since Morning Recovery was designed as a preventative drink, it is a better solution than taking a relief product the next morning.

In fact, the entire Morning Recovery ingredient list is made with natural ingredients; this is a great selling point for many consumers who are more health-conscious. With major health trends leaning toward veganism and vegetarianism, as well as all-organic produce and meat, a natural next morning helper is logical.

The variety of high-quality and natural ingredients that Morning Recovery is made from makes them a top option.

By having these supplemental reserves provided by the Morning Recovery drink, your body is much less likely to crash in the horrible pit of nightmares that can result from drinking. Many of the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals provided by the prickly pear extract are also helpful for your overall body. Since indulging in a night of drinking can weaken your immunity, the vitamin C in Morning Recovery helps you maintain a healthy immune system

A Few Final Notes

The preventative approach towards dealing with rough mornings is why Morning Recovery stands out. While More Labs Morning Recovery is focused on prevention of symptoms while also replenishing the nutrients and minerals lost during the night of drinking and providing natural ingredients, other recovery solutions are solely focused on hydration or else are only focused on easing the symptoms through non-natural and sometimes harsh ingredients. Morning Recovery is for prevention and hydration, whereas other products are for next morning symptom relief when it’s already much too late.

The fact that these other remedies rely on non-natural ingredients makes it clear that their end goal is a remedy for a disaster that has already happened, rather than prevention. As such, if you’re looking for a preventative product that will actually help you prevent symptoms while also helping you to rehydrate, replenish lost nutrients, minerals, and vitamins, and help you get your day started, you’re better off trusting the science-backed formula of Morning Recovery.

There are other rough morning prevention remedies on the market as well. It’s important to note that research and personal preference play a major role in ultimately choosing the remedy you want to trust.

Where More Labs, Makers of Morning Recovery, Are Headed Next

With Morning Recovery gaining strong popularity and success with a younger generation of consumers who are all about working hard and partying slightly harder, More Labs has set their sight on additional products that they refer to as “functional beverages.” More Labs has already released a variety of other products that are function-focused.

For instance, they have come out with a drink that is designed to help facilitate sleep and another that helps the consumer focus, boost productivity, and increase energy. All of these beverages are designed with the consumer in mind. After all, what’s life if it isn’t being lived to the fullest?

After taking More Labs from a humble Indiegogo campaign to what it is today, Sisun Lee is now set on continuing to grow More Labs into a major player in the beverage market that will continually provide consumers with high-quality, functional beverages that target a wide range of applications.

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