Use dried-out markers to create watercolor spray paint that kids will love

This parent on TikTok shared a DIY tutorial on how to make homemade watercolor spray paint using dried-out markers and a spray bottle, and it’s a creative way to repurpose art supplies!

Agnes Hsu (@hellowonderful_co) is a parent and content creator who posts videos of recipes, crafts, and hacks for kids. One of Hsu’s videos features a creative trick for upcycling dry markers by turning them into watercolors, and viewers love the eco-friendly crafting concept.

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The clip opens with a shot of a spray bottle containing several markers soaking in water before showing a montage of the repurposing process.

An overhead shot features Hsu removing the cap from a fading marker and sticking it with the felt tip side down into an empty plastic spray bottle filled with other markers in the same color scheme.

Hsu pours water into the spray bottle using a funnel before the clip cuts to a close-up shot of the remaining ink from the markers diffusing into the water, turning it violet.

The following footage shows Hsu screwing the spray nozzle onto the plastic bottle full of markers soaking in violet-colored water.

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She then holds up a different spray bottle with markers sitting in blue-green water to remind viewers to group markers with similar colors together to prevent the water from turning brown.

The video closes with a demonstration of the finished product in action, misting pink-hued splashes of water onto a blank sheet of paper.

Viewers took to the comments to appreciate the crafty and sustainable activity.

“Going to have to try this in my art classroom with all the older markers,” mentioned one educator.

“Yes! We’ve done this one. We sprayed the snow,” another user shared.

“You should try permanent markers and rubbing alcohol [for] tie-dye,” recommended one TikToker.

As demonstrated in Hsu’s video, recycling can be its own art form.

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