Drew Barrymore's Closet Turned Meditation Room Has the Internet Freaking Out

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Anyone who follows Drew Barrymore probably isn't too shocked to find out she has a meditation room. Thanks to a profile of the talk-show host for New York magazine's Vulture, fans recently got a peek inside the small walk-in closet that she transformed into her sanctuary—and the reactions are a healthy mix of wholesome, concerned, and hilarious.

The publication shared photos of the room on Instagram, detailing how its pink flamingo wallpaper is covered with sticky notes and stationery. On the notes are handwritten affirmations and aphorisms. One such reminder revealed in the story is: "LISTEN TO MY BODY AND SOUL. TREAT MYSELF AS THE MOTHER I NEEDED. DO NOT BEAT MYSELF UP."

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At the back of the room is a small bench with lit candles on top of it as well as on the floor surrounding it—the perfect moody atmosphere for reflection that also happens to stress out many onlookers. "Hey I 'm all for meditation and revelations but those candles are making me nervous," one person commented. "All that paper in such a small confined place."

Another wrote, "I read 'pink flamingo wallpaper' as pink FLAMMABLE wallpaper because the flaps of paper and the candles in a small space freaks me out!!"

Fire hazard concerns aside, many popped into the comments to joke about the size of the closet. "Every single New Yorker seeing this is immediately envious of and appalled by this use of precious closet space," one person wrote.

One commenter even compared it with the size of an entire apartment. "Wow, same size as my first apartment," they wrote. "Only with more natural light."

Outweighing all of the jokes and concerns was a flood of comments in support of Barrymore and the concept of a meditation room. Many wrote that it has inspired them to create their own dedicated space for healing. Some even gave Barrymore suggestions to enhance her own, including buying a meditation pillow.

If you're eager to see more of Barrymore's bedroom, she gave a very relatable messy before-and-after tour of it a few months ago. And if you plan to create your own sacred space, we have you covered with designer tips for building a quiet room—whether you use it for meditation or simply need a physical place to hit the Do Not Disturb button on your brain.

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