Drew Barrymore Gives a Glimpse into the Realistic Photos on Her Camera Roll

She's so real for this.

Drew Barrymore just got very real with her fans. 

The actress took to TikTok to give fans a glimpse inside her secret camera roll–a trend taking over the social media app. 

In the trend, people write text over the video that reads, "Hackers: 'send us 10k or we'll leak your camera roll,'" then it quickly cuts to ridiculous images that a person saves on their phone, and now we're getting to see inside Barrymore's!

At the beginning of the video, The Drew Barrymore Show host fixed her hair and included the exact text over the video before it cut to the first image she chose to share from her camera roll. 

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The picture included a photo of her with a pixie cut from the '90s. The following image featured an ad for Domino's Pizza stating that they had a "major deal this week." (she must have been hungry and craving a cheesy slice!) 

Other photos in the hilarious TikTok included an image of the actress with what appeared to be a virtual reality headset and gear. Another snap had a screenshot of a quote that read, "I think one of my favorite feelings is laughing with someone and realizing halfway through how much you enjoy them and their existence."

Barrymore also included behind-the-scenes photos from her talk show, pictures of delicious treats, books she was reading, her cat, and the last shot of her recycle piled up with boxes outside her home.

"My camera roll 🥰" she captioned the video.

"Not the recycling pile! 😂" one fan commented. 

"You have no idea how much Drewbies are losing their minds over the early/mid 90s photos in here!!! 🤩," another fan wrote.

You can watch her version of the trend in the TikTok video embedded above. 

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