The best dressers for organizing your home and belongings

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Dresser for your room
Dresser for your room

Are you looking for a way to neatly and efficiently organize all your clothes? Or do you need a piece of furniture to store toys or collectibles? Dressers are available in various styles, materials and sizes at a wide range of prices, making them the perfect choice to store and organize your clothes. You can choose one that’s a statement piece in your bedroom or one that blends into the background. The right dresser depends on your style preferences and needs. This article will also discuss dressers for those shopping on a budget. You may be surprised at how stylish the more affordable products are.

Since the countless options available can make choosing the right dresser difficult, we reviewed the highest-rated dressers of 2022. This detailed buying guide also includes plenty of information to help you evaluate each product and choose the perfect style and features for your needs.

Top Picks

Best overall: WLIVE 8 Drawer Fabric Dresser

Tall dresser
Tall dresser

Kicking off the list is our favorite dresser of 2022! This dresser is ideal for any space you want to organize, including a bedroom, nursery, closet, entryway, dorm room and even living room.

It has eight deep-set drawers and is suitable for storing various items such as toys, clothing, books and DVDs. In addition, the wooden top can be used to display ornaments, flowers or a small mirror.

This product is available in four finishes, including charcoal gray, charcoal black, brown and rustic brown. With so many style options, you are sure to find one that perfectly matches your home decor. The easy-to-pull handles are simple yet elegant, and the top surface features an appealing water-resistant wooden finish. The durable frame and accessories for securing the product safely further ensure that you can use this product for years. In addition, the feet are adjustable to counter uneven floors.

Key features:

  • Beautiful design in various designs

  • Made from wood and alloy steel

  • Anti-tipping accessories and adjustable feet

  • Depth, width and height of 11.8” x 31.5” x 37"

Most durable and number of drawers: YITAHOME 10 Drawer Dresser

Wooden top dresser
Wooden top dresser

This option boasts a sturdy metal frame and a simple wooden top.

If you want an affordable product that meets your storage needs while looking stylish enough for any home, you should consider purchasing this product. It is available in several colors, including light gray, dark gray, graphite and beige. We particularly love the light gray but think the beige option is perfect for any retro or natural home decors.

This dresser contains ten spacious drawers, which are perfect for various uses. The drawers are made from a non-woven breathable fabric which ensures clothing will never develop a musty odor. This also makes them easy to wipe down and clean.

Key features:

  • Made from steel, iron, fabric, plastic and wood

  • Plastic feet won't scratch your floor

  • Easy to clean and very durable

  • Depth, width and height of 11.8” x 33” x 47.2"

Variety of drawer sizes: Seseno 9 Drawer Fabric Storage Chest

9 drawer dresser
9 drawer dresser

This stylish charcoal and black organizer has nine deep-set drawers and is suitable for various uses and locations in your home.

It boasts a sturdy frame and fabric on all sides of the drawers, ensuring the product is easy to clean and long-lasting. This product consists of six large drawers and three smaller drawers, making it easier to organize a wide range of items that you may wish to store.

The adjustable plastic feet allow you to place this product on uneven ground while preventing scratches on wooden and lino flooring. The wooden handles are durable and comfortable to use. The drawers can also be filled to the top while still opening fully, smoothly and easily.

Key features:

  • Made from wood and steel

  • Adjustable plastic feet

  • Different-sized drawers

  • Depth, width and height of 11.5” x 39.5” x 39.5"

Most stylish: Storkcraft Avalon 6 Drawer Universal Dresser

Dresser for kids bedroom
Dresser for kids bedroom

This beautiful dresser has a beautiful, classic European style that would look fantastic in a home with Parisian-style or elegant home decor.

Designed specifically with nurseries and kids’ bedrooms in mind, Storkcraft is an award-winning brand recommended by parents and ensures product safety through expert testing. This dresser is available in four colors, including white, gray, espresso and black. It is made entirely from wood, featuring six durable wooden drawers.

The top of the dresser has a sleigh style raised back and sides that prevents any ornaments and other items you wish to store from falling off. The feet are sturdy and large to maintain stability. This high-quality product can be enjoyed for years to come. This product is also available in a chest drawer design.

Key features:

  • Combines elegant design and modern function

  • Made from durable wood

  • Meets safety standards

  • Depth, width and height of 17.5” x 50” x 40.5"

Small-space friendly: Romoon 4 Drawer Fabric Dresser

Tower 4 drawer dresser
Tower 4 drawer dresser

This final option is ideal for small spaces and can easily be placed almost anywhere in your home. It has four large-capacity drawers. It is available in dark gray, espresso, and gray.

This product is durable thanks to its steel frame while still lightweight due to its unwoven and breathable fabric drawers. The drawers can easily be cleaned and are fast-drying when washed. A strong medium density fiberboard supports the fabric and maintains its shape.

The wooden handles bring a touch of brightness to the design. They are also comfortable to use and durable. This product has rubber stubs for the feet, which will keep it securely in place. This feature also prevents the product from scratching flooring. Assembly is easy and should only take around 20 minutes to complete.

Key features:

  • Made from iron, fabric and wood

  • Rubber foot caps to prevent scratches

  • Fast and easy assembly

  • Depth, width and height of 17.7” x 11.7” x 36.4"

Buying guide: Dressers

Every home has a slightly different decor and style. Therefore, we’ve provided a list of the finest dressers for various styles and needs. However, we understand that you may wish to do some research to purchase the best product for your needs.

Continue reading to learn more about dresser features and important factors worth considering when investing in a new dresser.

Storage capacity

When looking for a dresser, consider how much space you have available for it. Some dressers may take up the same amount of space but have different capacities. The best dressers should effectively utilize the space they take up.

Number of drawers

Consider what you want to store in the dresser. Depending on the types of items, you may be better suited to various large and small drawers. If you want to store smaller items, smaller drawers are preferable because small items may be difficult to find in larger drawers. On the other hand, larger drawers are necessary for larger items and other items that you may not realize you need to store yet.

Strong frame

A strong and durable frame is an important feature. Steel is lightweight, strong, and durable. It is also rust-resistant, which may affect the stability of a metal frame in the long run. Some dressers also come with wooden frames, which offer a unique style while still being very durable.

Breathable fabric or durable wood

When choosing drawer material, you may often encounter options in fabric or wood. Fabric is lightweight and breathable, which may prevent clothing and other items from developing a musty smell. If choosing fabric drawers, consider purchasing a smooth fabric that is easy to wipe down and is fast-drying. Smooth and nonwoven fabric, rather than woven fabric, is preferable because it will not retain any moisture in its creases.

When choosing wooden drawers, it is important to note that these are much heavier than fabric drawers and may make it more difficult to move the dresser around the home or to another apartment or house. Wooden drawers should feature a smooth finish and be treated with something that allows you to clean them without risk of mold or damage.

Less common material options for drawers include:

  • Leather

  • Glass

  • Metal

  • Wicker

Find a style that suits your decor

There are many styles of dressers available. You may have a particular style in mind, but if you do not know the name of that style, it can be difficult to search for it. Continue reading for a list of some of the available styles, along with a brief description.

Horizontal dresser

A horizontal dresser consists of several drawers above and below each other but not side by side. The drawers are usually thin and long rather than deep-set.

Double dresser

On the other hand, a double dresser features drawers side by side. They are usually more narrow and much deeper than horizontal dresser drawers.

Combo dresser

A combo dresser usually consists of drawers that may or may not contain shelves. Alternatively, a combo dresser may also have both drawers and shelves. An example of a combo dresser is a gentleman's chest. This contains drawers and a mini wardrobe on the side where a person can hang a couple of shirts and ties.

Dresser and change table

A dresser and change table is a great space-saving option for those with a baby. This dresser is like a regular dresser, except the top is designed to accommodate a diaper changing unit.


Antique dressers come in various styles, but it is what you should look for if you like intricate carvings and designs. Similarly, look for this style if you like cast iron handles and metal workings.


Distressed dressers are usually made from painted wood designed to look older than it really is. This is often achieved by sanding some color away and revealing the bare wood underneath.


The sleigh design can often be found in antique-style dressers. It has a ridge around the top of the dresser, which creates a beautiful style and keeps the items on the top of the dresser from falling off.


Modern-style dressers are usually much more minimalist in design. They are also often gray or black. In addition, they may be metallic or mirrored.


Rustic dressers are usually made from wood or wicker. The frame and drawers are often combined with metal handles.

Bombe dresser

A bombe dresser is an unusual French dresser that goes out at the bottom and gets thinner towards the top. This style is a statement piece in any home.

Feet and leg features

The feet of the dresser should be scratch-resistant or come with caps you can place at their ends. Scratch-resistant feet may be made from soft plastic or rubber. You may also want to look for a dresser with wheels to easily move it from room to room. This style of dresser needs caps or wheel locks to secure it in a static position.

Evaluating the product value

Dressers can cost as little as $35 and as much as $1,000. To ensure you are purchasing a good-value-for-money product, consider how much storage space the dresser provides and its durability and style. You can expect to pay more for an antique dresser which may offer good value for your money if you can sell it in the future.

Read customer reviews

Reading customer reviews will give you a better idea about the product’s durability and how well the product is packaged. Reading customer reviews also gives you a good idea of how easy the product is to assemble.

Products often advertise as having all the necessary tools and parts needed for assembly, but customer reviews will often mention if there are issues or inaccuracies. This gives you an idea of how much time and money you may need to spend in addition to the product to get the appropriate parts.

Dressers FAQs

Q: What is the difference between dressers and a chest of drawers?

A: Dressers are shorter and broader than a chest of drawers. In contrast, a chest of drawers is narrow and tall. One is not necessarily better than the other, and after reading this article, you may decide to look for a chest of drawers instead. It is simply a matter of how much space you have and what your stylistic preference is.

Q: Can I purchase a dresser with a mirror included?

A: Some dressers do come with a mirror included. This is preferable because the style of the mirror will match the dresser, saving you time trying to find a matching mirror. However, most dressers do not include a mirror, so you may need to buy one separately.

Q: Where is the best location for my dresser?

A: Traditionally, dressers are kept in a bedroom or closet and used to store clothing. However, you can place the dresser wherever is the most convenient for you. Often, a dresser placed in an office has the same features but is called a bureau.