This Dreamy Acrylic Side Table From Amazon Is Trending on TikTok For Its Secret Feature

Macy Cate Williams

If I open TikTok, I'll probably be scrolling for hours. These days, I have let the app be my guide for all things home decor. There are so many cool hacks and finds that make transforming your space easy. My current obsession is this Umbra Magino Acrylic Side Table ($416) that's been trending - it's so cool! The best part is the curved legs actually act as holders for magazines for vinyl records. It would be such a chic addition to any space, and it has awesome reviews on Amazon.

If you're looking for something with a smaller price tag, I found an affordable option for $150 and another alternative for $212 . They look just like this design and have great reviews on Amazon as well. Keep reading to get all the details and score yourself this table before it sells out.


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