This Is What Dreams Are Made Of—Hilary Duff Launches a Home Fragrance Brand

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Essential oils are the way to go for those looking to keep their space smelling fresh without needing to worry about lighting candles. They’re natural, inexpensive, and come in endless scents.

The biggest issue for anyone trying to enjoy a few of their favorite oils in their home is finding the right diffuser. If you’re tired of your diffuser taking up too much space, long cords getting in the way, or if swapping out your oil blends just takes way too much time, there’s a new solution on the market for you.

Hilary Duff, the lauded actress, singer, and entrepreneur, has co-founded an entirely new way of bringing essential oils into your space.

Introducing Below 60°, her new essential oil brand named after the stretch of ocean that lies 60 degrees south of the equator, the area said to contain the earth's cleanest air.

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Just like their name's origin, the brand focuses on using all-natural ingredients to bring the freshest air straight to your home.

The current Below 60° product line features three signature oil blends and a perfectly designed fragrance diffuser. The brand's miniature diffuser is both simple and sleek, with a super stylish yet subtle design. This way, the focus can stay on the scent—not on an enormous diffuser.

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The Below 60° diffuser is the exact opposite of bulky: it’s ultra-thin and shaped like a small square, making it perfect for hiding in plain sight or sticking behind furniture. Now you won’t have to worry about buying a diffuser that takes up too much counter space. 

Duff designed the diffuser to be as convenient as possible; a separate cartridge holds the fragrance for easy insert and removal, you can control the strength of the scent, and even the diffuser’s plug can switch from horizontal to vertical to fit best with your outlet space. Finally, a diffuser that looks as good as it is practical.

Below 60° creates completely pure essential oil blends for their diffuser. Each mix offered on their website is totally natural. 

“Home is my happy place. That's why I'm so excited to launch Below 60°, a line of natural home fragrance products that you can feel good about bringing into your space,” Duff says in a press release.

Duff has always had a vested interest in clean home fragrances. “Becoming a mom meant becoming more conscious and cautious about the products I use, so we've gone to the ends of the earth to develop unique, 100% natural fragrances from responsibly sourced ingredients," she says.

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Right now, three fresh blends are available on the Below 60° website: the cool and calming “mint disco on ice,” classic “if citrus were a feeling,” and cleverly-named “vanilla buys a timeshare in paradise” (a tropical vanilla mix).

If you’re desperate for more unique oil blends straight from Duff herself, don't worry—Below 60° plans to release more scents in the near future.

Below 60° also offers a starter kit that gives you the opportunity to enjoy all three of their signature scents alongside their fragrance diffuser. You can purchase the starter kit for nearly 50% off if you subscribe, which will get you three new essential oil blends every three months. 

Their oil blends and diffusers can also be purchased separately from each other, with the discounted subscription available individually for each oil blend.

The diffuser, oils, and starter kit can all be found on the official Below 60° website.

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