What Dreams Are Made of: Alienware’s 34-inch Curved Quantum-Dot OLED Gaming Monitor

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The days of OLED-envy among PC gamers are finally over. TVs certainly led the charge in the move to OLED screen technology, but now, PC gamers have a display that will stop home theater aficionados in their tracks.

This stunning, 34-inch behemoth from Alienware is the world’s first Quantum-Dot OLED gaming monitor. It stunned CES expo attendees when it was revealed earlier this year, but it’s an even more impressive sight to behold when perched on my desk at home.

Why is it so special? With a Quantum-Dot OLED panel courtesy of Samsung, it promises super-vibrant color reproduction, perfect blacks, and peak brightness levels to rival a high-end TV. But then it goes to outdo said TVs with a slick 175Hz refresh rate, an immersive 1800R curve, and support for NVIDIA G-Sync Ultimate variable refresh rate (VRR).

Stuff all that into Alienware’s stylish Legend 2.0 chassis and what you get is a dream display that would make the perfect companion to a powerful gaming PC. But it’s also not for everyone. Let’s talk about it!

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Product Snapshot: Alienware 34 Quantum-Dot OLED Gaming Monitor

What I Like:

  • High quality OLED display

  • Excellent color and black levels

  • Immersive 1800R curve

Things to Keep in Mind:

  • Not a good pick for consoles (Especially PlayStation 5)

  • Large desk required

  • More ideal for NVIDIA users

Alienware 34 QD-OLED Gaming Monitor Features/Specs

  • 34.18 inch (diagonal) display size

  • Quantum-Dot OLED panel type

  • 3440×1440 resolution

  • 1800R curve

  • 175Hz refresh rate (G-Sync Ultimate VRR)

  • 1000 nits peak brightness (250 nits typical)

  • VESA DisplayHDR400 True Black certified

  • 0.1ms gray-to-gray pixel response

  • 2x HDMI 2.0, 1x DisplayPort 1.4, 4x USB 3.2 ports, Aux in and out


$1,299.99 MSRP at Dell

Finally, an OLED Display Fit for Gaming

alienware 34 qd oled gaming monitor
Credit: Alienware

OLED monitors aren’t an entirely new concept; productivity-focused displays have used OLED panels for several years to deliver the accurate colors and deep blacks that content creators require. But gamers have had to wait for the technology to mature enough for the increased demands of gaming.

We need our monitors to boast high refresh rates and fast response times; traits that OLEDs were previously somewhat lacking. But finally, the Alienware 34 Curved Quantum-Dot OLED Gaming Monitor marks the arrival of a big-screen OLED without compromise.

alienware qd-oled gaming monitor
Credit: Alienware

The numbers are impressive; it has a 0.1ms pixel response time, and a 175Hz refresh rate that’s kept in check with NVIDIA G-Sync Ultimate variable refresh rate compatibility.

Add to that a 99.3% DCI-P3 color gamut, 1000 nits of peak brightness, VESA DisplayHDR 400 True Black Certification, and a contrast ratio of 1 million-to-1. What we have is a screen that’s not just fast, but also drop-dead gorgeous.

It’s also worth noting that Alienware promises improved OLED reliability, and it’s willing to back this up with a three-year warranty that covers burn-in, should you (unlikely) encounter it.

Seeing is Believing

alienware qd oled gaming monitor
Credit: Slickdeals

I could think of no game that would show off these impressive specs better than the recent (and brilliant) Guardians of the Galaxy. The game’s incredible graphics are boosted by excellent support for ultrawide resolutions, ray tracing, DLSS super sampling, and high frame rates.

The immersion of the 1800R curve is the first thing to stand out. In smaller sizes I think curved screens are a gimmick, but at 34 inches, the display reaches deep into your peripheral vision, for a more encompassing experience.

Those fast pixels mean that, as I walk through Star-Lord’s ship, I can appreciate the incredible density of its many nooks even while in motion, without any of the blurriness or ghosting you might see in lesser displays.

guardians of the galaxy game
Credit: Guardians of the Galaxy

And touching down in the first stage–an enormous junkyard of warships held together by a strange goop–has me take pause again to admire the stunning vibrancy of the bright pink glue, the deep blacks of the vast space, and the popping brightness of the nearby sun.

In years past, gamers had to choose between visual fidelity or speed. You couldn’t have both. But thanks to the QD OLED tech and NVIDIA G-Sync Ultimate, this screen does it all. The fact that it can look this good, yet still feel as snappy as any display I’ve ever tested is a revelation. I went from gawking at space gunk in Guardians of the Galaxy to popping heads in Destiny 2 with effortless accuracy, thanks to that ultra high refresh rate.

I am Legend 2.0

alienware qd oled gaming monitor
Credit: Slickdeals

I’m a huge fan of Alienware’s modern design aesthetic (particularly in the laptops), and while I admit that the matte white shell might not be ideal for those who prefer a more understated look, I think it achieves the perfect mix of edgy gamer looks and mature styling.

The QD OLED display has allowed Alienware to further refine its Legend 2.0 design by trimming the thickness down to a wafer at the extremes of the display. It thickens towards the middle of the chassis, yet still looks more compact than previous versions, with improved cable management to boot.

alienware qd oled gaming monitor
Credit: Slickdeals

The redesign has also shifted the on-screen controls down to the lower edge, which makes them easier to reach than the rear-facing controls on the outgoing unit. Next to the intuitive four-way control stick is Alienware’s requisite down-firing light bar, which brings a nice ambience to your desk along with the rest of the AlienFX RGB effects that adorn the rear of the chassis.

Another thing that really stood out to me was the quality of the anti-glare finish used over the display. A window behind my gaming desk that can be quite a distraction when using my personal gaming monitor proved to be a non-issue on the Alienware, thanks to how effectively it diffuses unwanted reflections and glare.

Console Gamers Beware

alienware qd oled gaming monitor
Credit: Slickdeals

Now, earlier I said this monitor isn’t for everyone. But how can that be the case if it’s this good? Well, let me explain.

The first and most obvious factor is cost. Even though I’d argue that $1,299.99 is a great price for what you’re getting, it’s not exactly affordable. Second, it’s size. You’re going to need a large desk, or a VESA wall mount (which further adds to the cost).

The main issue, however, is admittedly not even specific to this monitor. If your grand plan is to have a single display for all your gaming, including a PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X on the side, you might want to consider a standard 16:9 ratio monitor with HDMI 2.1 support.

Sadly, the PS5 and Xbox Series X still don’t support ultrawide resolutions, forcing the Xbox into 1440p mode, and the PS5 all the way down to 1080p (both with giant black borders on the sides). VRR also won’t work, and you’ll run into HDR restrictions on Xbox.

This isn’t Alienware’s fault–it’s up to the console makers to embrace ultrawide screens. But for now, the console experience on 21:9 displays remains sub-par.

Final Thoughts: Is the Alienware 34 Curved QD-OLED Gaming Monitor Worth It?

alienware qd oled gaming monitor
Credit: Slickdeals

If you have the money to spend, this monitor is absolutely worth it. Alienware’s flagship display marks a new frontier for gaming monitors, combining the best of what QD OLED technology has to offer, delivering the speed and responsiveness that gaming demands.

It’s a total dream display, best suited for those with a powerful PC that can extract the best out of its ultrawide resolutions and high refresh rates.

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