If You Dream of Watching TV in Bed With No Neck Strain, Here's How to Make It a Reality

Morgan Ashley Parker

I know I'm not the only person who bought things since the pandemic started I wouldn't have even thought of purchasing before (from that rechargeable hand warmer to dine outside in 40-degree weather to a new comfy cushion for my not-so-comfy desk chair). Now, most of these things still serve their original purpose, but there's one item I picked for a very specific situation . . . that I now regularly use for something else entirely.

Let me back up to last summer when I was renting a Spin bike from a Manhattan cycling studio. As cute as it was to stack boxes on my counter and balance my laptop on top, it wasn't the most permanent - or stable - hack. Then, while shopping for a keyboard lift , I noticed a gooseneck tablet stand under related products on Amazon, ordered one, and used it to mount my iPad for those Zoom fitness classes. Instead of tossing this after I upgraded to Peloton, I started using it for an activity that happened to require the exact opposite amount of exertion: watching TV while lying in bed.

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