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'Dramatic difference': Crest's bestselling teeth-whitening kit is $30 — save 35%

Take it from one of 65,000 smiling five-star reviewers: 'They actually work, y'all!'

It's the little things that make us smile: Enjoying some sunshine after a rainy day, hearing the waves crash at a beach, watching a baby try ice cream for the first time. I tend to show off my grin more in the summer, which is why I always try to whiten my teeth at the start of the season. Now's a thrifty time to do it too: This Crest 3D Whitestrips kit, an Amazon bestseller, is marked down to $30.

This kit delivers on its pro-level, smile-brightening claims, reviewers say. It promises to remove up to 25 years' worth of stains from your chompers.

$45 at Amazon

If you're someone who keeps an eye out for sales on teeth whiteners (like we do), you know they're hardly ever discounted by this much — the kit is 35% off! So now's the time to buy: It's hard to beat a respected brand like Crest when it comes to at-home whitening, and $30 is nothing compared with what you'd spend on an in-office whitening treatment.

The pack comes with 22 treatments, with one upper and one lower strip for each session. With improved sealing technology, these strips no longer slip, so you can drink water — even talk — while using them. Just peel off a strip, apply it over your teeth, and leave it for 30-45 minutes. You'll start to notice a whiter smile in as little as three days, with the full effect in about 20 days. You'll also get four treatments' worth of 1 Hour Express strips to use on days when you want speedy same-day brightness.

woman smiling
There's plenty to smile about this summer, especially with a grin this bright. (Getty)

More than 65,000 Amazon shoppers give this teeth whitening kit a five-star rating.

"They actually work, y'all!" exclaimed one shopper. "I can hardly believe my own eyes! I'm sold! I just saved $250 for professional teeth bleaching."

"I've never seen my teeth this white before!" another shocked reviewer wrote. "I've tried using other whitening pens which will sting and burn my gums. This whitening strip doesn't hurt my gums ... It's so easy to put on and remove."

"Wish I had taken photos!" said one impressed customer. "These are incredible. They make such a dramatic difference every time I use them. Other whitening products are more gradual. This contains the most hydrogen peroxide of the Crest Whitestrips, so these are the best for immediate results. I am a daily coffee drinker and these made my teeth so white."

"Once I confirmed that my dentist does approve this kit, I had to buy it and try it," one final fan wrote. "I'll be 50 next month and I've grown up in the South, so I had too many years of tea staining my teeth. I can tell a huge difference after using these."

While some shoppers said these strips left their teeth feeling sensitive for a few minutes, they noted that the same is true of other whitening treatments — and sometimes to a greater degree.

"Does as advertised but makes my teeth a little sensitive. I had to wait between treatments for sensitivity to die down," shared one buyer.

"These strips are super easy to apply and they don't stick to each other when I bite down! They stay firmly in place once pressed on and have effectively whitened my teeth," said another. "My only complaint is that they do make my teeth extra-sensitive for about 30 minutes after using."

Hydrogen peroxide is the hero ingredient here — the very same stuff many dentists use for whitening treatments.

$45 at Amazon

Want an extra whitening boost? Check out this Crest 3D Whitestrips with Light kit:

These puppies tackle stubborn stains with the power of light, helping reveal pearly whites that last up to 36 months.

$63 at Amazon
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$68 at Walmart

"I'm 57 years old and my teeth have taken a beating over the last 30-plus years because of smoking and coffee every morning," said one fan. "I still have six days left from my pack and I’m amazed at how much my teeth have changed already. This is my first time and I plan to keep this up every few months. I've never been so pleased with a product!"

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The reviews quoted above reflect the most recent versions at the time of publication.

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