‘Drama queen’ chihuahua has ‘love-hate’ relationship with winter booties

This tiny chihuahua went on an emotional rollercoaster when he put his booties on.

Dogs don’t really like getting dressed. They’ve already got a thick coat of fur to keep them warm. But in the harsh, snowy weather, some dogs could use a little help. Thomas Wilde wanted to keep his chihuahua Vern’s paws safe from the snowy streets. He whipped out the dog’s winter coat and adorable Ugg booties, but the canine wasn’t exactly sure about the shoes.


The clippidy clopper booties are back! Listen to those little feet move 😂 #vern #winterbooties #lovehate #chihuahua #fy

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“It’s a love-hate kind of feeling toward the booties,” Wilde wrote in the caption. “The clippidy-clopper booties are back! Listen to those little feet move.”

Wilde put Vern in his winter coat and booties for a walk. Vern spastically ran down the apartment hallway. He couldn’t catch his balance in the shoes on the carpet and fell over on his back. Then he refused to move in protest of the booties.

“Oh, get up. What are you doing? What are you doing? I’m not picking you up. Let’s go!” the pet owner said.

Eventually, they made it downstairs, but Vern was still hesitant. When the chihuahua finally got outside, he wagged his tail in excitement and jumped up and down.

“There, now your feet don’t get cold. See!” Wilde told the dog.

Vern’s dramatic bootie performance earned 7.5 million views on TikTok.

“Halfway through the hallway scene, it turned into a no bones day,” a user wrote.

“He is so happy though. His tail never stops wagging,” another commented.

“Such a drama queen in the hallway!” someone said.

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