These Dragon Toys Are Totally, Um, On Fire

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Before dragon-loving kids become captivated by the intricate world of Dungeons and Dragons, they spend time with these fire-breathing mythical creatures in the flesh – or at least in the form of dragon stuffed animals and realistic dragons. The best dragon toys for kids serve as the perfect gateway to immersive playtime. Kids can reenact medieval sagas from the comfort of the floor, strategically placing miniature knights, dragons, and queens around Lego-constructed fortresses. Others might prefer to transform themselves into dragons themselves with elaborate capes that give them the confidence of the horned and winged creature of legends past. It’s pretend play at its finest because let’s be honest: There’s no prescribed way to be a creature that springs entirely from fantasy.

Eldrador Creatures Lava Dragon Toy by Schleich

The lava dragon will be the main protagonist in any epic battle. Its expressive face and far-flung wings give way to countless imaginative story lines, but it's also small enough to be easily taken from room to room if serpentine travel is at play.

Buy Now $24.60

Mini Maker Tube Dragon Toy by PLUS PLUS

The simple design of this building set offers a less challenging alternative to Legos. Every colorful brick easily connects to the next, coming together to build a tall life-like dragon figure that your kid can have as a new companion – with the added satisfaction of knowing they built it from scratch.

Buy Now $7.99

Dax Cuddle Bud Dragon Stuffed Animals by Mon Ami

This cozy stuffed dragon animal is basically the toy version of a hug. Not only does its fuzzy polyester exterior make it the perfect sleeping buddy, but natural clay beads and dried lavender offer soothing aromatherapy for comfort. stress relief, and anxiety.


Create with Clay Mythical Creatures by Creativity for Kids

Kids get three skeletons, which they then use to build dragons out of clay. And of course, the kits comes with everything they need to decorate these mythical beings.

Buy Now $16.99

How to Train Your Dragon Fishlegs & Meatlug by PLAYMOBIL

Fishlegs and Meatlug, the lovable duo from 'How to Train Your Dragon,' are a lovable example of how affectionate dragons can really be when they aren't in the middle of a battle or guarding a castle. The set also includes a riding saddle, a Viking helmet, a table with benches, a campfire, and sheep for a fully immersive play experience.

Buy Now $32.99

Color-a-Cape by Great Pretenders

This is the perfect toy for kids who love dragons and crafting. One side of the cape is designed with action-filled doodles of dragon-centric battles for kids to color in and add onto, while the other side is printed in green foil to be worn as a vibrant cape when the interior design is finished.

BUY NOW $23.00

Dragon Cape with Claws by Great Pretenders

So cool your kid may want it 24/7, the textured velour cape is designed with scales and stuffed claws for added effect, and a Velcro closure at the top makes it easy to take on and off.

BUY NOW $32.00

Reversible Dragon Mask and Wing Sets by Little Adventures

Dragons, but make them fashionable and cute. This two-piece immediately transforms any kid into a winged and horned dragon. It's a simple costume that's good to have for themed events, Halloween, and just for everyday playtime.

Buy Now $17.99

Fantasy Blocks Dragon Toy by PlanToys

The 60-piece set allows kids to tap into their imagination as they build their own medieval fantasy lands. The colorful final product is a dramatic display of castles, a functional catapult, kings, queens, horses, and of course, a flying dragon.

BUY NOW $60.00

Plush Dragon Stuffed Animal by Melissa & Doug

This colorful and fiery stuffed animal promotes imaginative motor play for younger kids and toddlers who might not be ready for the more intensive character-building required of more complete figure sets and building blocks. They can deploy the fiery dragon on fantastical missions in any room in the house.

Buy Now $36.99

Game of Thrones Daenerys & Drogon Building Set by Mega Construx

Of course, no dragon guide would be complete without the Mother of Dragons. This 735 piece set includes a dragon with a three foot wide wingspan. Seriously.

Buy Now $39.99

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