Dr. Jeremy James Launches First of Its Kind Fitness Platform with Health and Mobility in Mind: FITFOREVER

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Written by Magdalena Munao

In a year of unforeseen challenges, Americans are realizing now more than ever the importance of staying active to maintain physical health. As physical activity levels have plummeted over the last seven months, as a result of the pandemic, gym closures and prohibiting group gatherings, consistent outlets for physical activity remain elusive. And while the overarching concern among fitness enthusiasts seems to be solely focused on how to stay fit despite a lack of gyms, through the course of 2020, one esteemed, Colorado-based doctor identified a pressing need in Americans 30 years and older—the demand for a safe and effective digital exercise program that is completely customized to their body that can be performed from home.

Currently, existing digital fitness programs use a one-size-fits-all approach for everyone. This can lead to injuries and inefficient workouts. With this in mind, health and wellness expert Dr. Jeremy James and his team of medical experts have created a program to meet these needs with a focus on functional strength, longevity, joint health and mobility: FITFOREVER.

As an industry leader and specialist in chronic back pain and human biomechanics, prior to the development of FITFOREVER, Dr. James has been known for his best-selling book The Younger Next Year Back Book as well as his other two programs,

BACKFOREVER and GOLFFOREVER. Inspired to support golfers and people with long-lasting back problems and pain, GOLFFOREVER and BACKFOREVER were designed by Dr. James to help users regain mobility and retrain the body on how to move freely and without pain in the back or throughout the body. After seeing the success rate of these programs, the biomechanics expert then looked to use his team’s expertise to create a new program that would function as a complete digital fitness platform that serves to help its users feel great, by way of FITFOREVER.

“Our method is simple,” says Dr. James. “At FITFOREVER our focus is on building a highly functional body that feels great. Looking good is just a wonderful side effect.”

FITFOREVER is the first of its kind program to tailor workouts to each user and provide them with workouts that progress each day, each building upon the previous one. Through a personal assessment test, users will be given a program made to accommodate their needs based on pre-existing pain and injuries, the type of equipment they have available to them, their fitness goals as well as their physical capabilities.

FITFOREVER additionally has functionally-limited programs specifically designed for those who, for example, can’t get out of a chair or perhaps cannot physically get down on their hands and knees. While most online workout programs are largely focused on getting fit and sculpting one’s desired body, FITFOREVER transcends the fitness industry with a program that’s suited for any age, body type and goal.

Whether you’re new to fitness, an avid exerciser looking for a more educated approach, recovering from injury, completely healthy, partially disabled, 20 years old or 80 years old, Dr. James’ one-of-a-kind digital fitness platform checks every box, no matter what your goals are. While the program can undoubtedly give its users a roadmap to their body and fitness goals, where FITFOREVER differs is in how it provides scientifically backed education and support on how to regain and/or maintain healthy mobility throughout the body. Through daily workout videos assigned to each user, per their specifically designed program, FITFOREVER offers customized fitness plans that help users build a strong foundation for their fitness journey.

“I saw a need to provide consumers with an educational foundation for greater mobility and healthy living,” says Dr. James. “My goal for FITFOREVER is to create a fitness platform backed by and with access to medical professionals so consumers of all ages feel good and remain healthy and fully functional.”

For more information on Dr. James and FITFOREVER, please visit FITFOREVER.com.

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