Hubapalooza Downhill And Enduro Course Previews Released

Hubapalooza, Spokane's annual early season mountain bike festival, is set to get underway April 5th -7th and if you're going, you may be wondering what the courses look like for 2024.

Fortunately for all of us who will be traveling to the race and don't have the luxury of riding these trails every day, Alex Anderson has made some detailed course previews and we will start with the 2024 enduro stages.

Two of the stages, Deep Thought and Master Blaster, are repeats from last year so if you raced in 2023, those will look familiar. The new one, and definitely the track to spend the most time studying is Stage 1. The new track features some particularly heinous low speed slabs and tricky techy maneuvers on both Hairline and Swim Coach - the primary trails on this stage.

As Alex says in the preview, slow is fast with these ones and getting eyes on this stage is of the utmost importance.

Stage 4 is yet to be announced but will be something trending back toward the Camp Sekani side of the hill. Don't quote me on it, but expect something like Evil Twin or Quarantine.

Next, we have the downhill previews which you can watch right here.

The only notable changes here from the last several years' tracks is that the Downhill 2 will not feature the infamous Girthmore drop. This may be a relief to many of you who want to race Pro or Expert but don't want to huck your carcass off of a 20 foot natural drop.

Another thing worth noting is that Blastoff, the top section of the Downhill 1 got a revamp. The jumps are bigger but they flow very nicely.

For those making the trip out this year, have fun, be safe and ride hard! This is one of the most fun race weekends on the calendar.

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