Dove Cameron Says She Did "A Lot of Performative Femininity" as a Young Disney Star

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Photo credit: Gotham
Photo credit: Gotham

As we've seen from Dove Cameron's recent 2022 MTV VMAs performance and red carpet look, our girl loves to let her personality shine through her clothes. But according to the former newly-brunette Disney star, she didn't always feel comfortable wearing what she wanted.

In an interview with InStyle on August 30, the songstress opened up about how embracing her queer identity since coming out has inspired her fashion choices.

"It's always been a huge part of my true expression to be super masculine meets feminine," Cameron said of her personal aesthetic. "I definitely love androgyny that I didn't let myself explore before. I was doing a lot of performative femininity when I was younger that was very trapping and very diminishing."

ICYMI, the "Breakfast" singer came out as queer in 2020 during an Instagram Livestream and has since used her platform to shine a light on causes in the LGBTQ community. On August 28 when she took home the Moonperson for Best New Artist at this year's MTV VMAs, she thanked "all of the queer kids out there" in her award acceptance speech.

In recent months, Dove hasn't been shy about exploring her personal style in photoshoots and in her music videos. But according to the star, she didn't always feel so confident.

"If you look at pictures of me from when I was younger when I was on red carpets, there's like no one home behind the eyes," she said. "It's very pained, very much like I'm just trying to be the smallest, happiest, sweetest, most uneventful person there."

Speaking of her childhood, Dove shared, "When I was younger, I used to dress up as like, the male villains and go to school. I would Sharpie my face like Jack Skeleton or I would take off the little plastic fork tips and tape them around my nails like Wolverine. I used to do my face like the Joker."

She continued, "I just always had this villain thing that I really loved. I love the feeling of lengthening clothing that I can move in because it feels like dark water. The emotion feels powerful. It's not about being tall to be beautiful; it's about being tall to be scary."

Dove is turning the page to a new chapter of her life with her music career taking off, saying she feels like this era can be a "starting point" for her to be unafraid to make bold fashion choices that reflect "the artist that I feel that I am now."

"We're in an era, especially now, where I think it's important to make a political statement everywhere you go," she said. "I'm hoping to make a statement in support of women's issues these days and being pro-choice and pro-abortion, and just showing solidarity."

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