This Double-Sided Deshedding Brush That Removes ‘Mounds of Hair’ Is 54% Off for a Few More Hours

It’s that time of year when animals are shedding their winter coats and growing summer ones, which means they are likely leaving behind more hair than usual. Instead of vacuuming every day, it’s best to go to the root of the problem and clean out their undercoat of loose fur before it inevitably falls all over your house. Ordinary brushes won’t cut it. You’ll need something specifically designed for thick fur and undercoats like the Pat Your Pet Deshedding Brush. Luckily, it’s 54% off during Amazon Pet Day and you still have a few more hours to take advantage of the sale. It ends tonight at 11:59 p.m. PT.

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You might be wondering how this double-sided undercoat rake is different from other types of brushes, and it’s because of the curved metal teeth that scoop up hair instead of pushing it around. The 9-tooth side is best for brushing out mattes and stubborn knots whereas the 17-tooth side is ideal for gathering loose fur deep within the undercoat. It’s a handy tool to use on all types of fur (cats and dogs) between grooming appointments to help maintain a healthy, shiny coat. To ensure your pet has the best experience, we suggest using short, quick strokes and allowing them to take breaks when needed.

Shop It! Pat Your Pet Deshedding Brush, Was $19, Now $9 on Amazon
Shop It! Pat Your Pet Deshedding Brush, Was $19, Now $9 on Amazon

This unique grooming tool is backed by more than 28,000 5-star ratings from shoppers who use it on cats and dogs alike. Frankly, the image reviews are appalling and speak for themselves as to how well it actually works. One person showed the piles of fur that came off of their cat and went so far as to call the brush a “lifesaver.”

“I purchased this to use on my big yellow lab. I was worried his hair wouldn't be long enough to work with this brush and was happily reassured as mounds of hair came off with ease,” wrote another reviewer. “It worked great, even worked on my cats! They don't have long hair, just slightly thicker hair and it worked great.”

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The Pat Your Pet Deshedding Brush is the perfect at-home grooming tool to keep loose fur at bay and ultimately help maintain a clean home. Add one (or two) to your Amazon cart while they’re on sale for just $9 apiece.

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