Dotun Reveals Weird Thing Charity Does ‘Under the Sheets’ After ‘Bachelorette’ Engagement

The Bachelorette star Charity Lawson and her fiancé Dotun Olubeko have learned a lot about each other after getting engaged on the ABC reality show.

Fans were thrilled to watch Dotun get down on one knee to propose to Charity on the Aug. 21 series finale in Fiji.

"Miss Charity Lawson, would you do me the honor of turning this fairytale into a reality?" he asked.

Tears flowed as the beautiful child and family therapist said yes, after she had sent second place finisher Joey Graziadei home (he was later named the new Bachelor for 2024).

Charity told Dotun, who came to America as an immigrant from Nigeria, "I want a forever future with you. I see you as my husband.”

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ABC/Dotun popped the question to Charity with a diamond ring.
ABC/Dotun popped the question to Charity with a diamond ring.

But first, she is going on another ABC reality series! During the “After the Final Rose” portion of the Season 20 finale, Dotun, 31, told Charity, 27, that she’d been chosen as one of the competitors on the upcoming Dancing with the Stars Season 32.

Two days later, the happy couple sat down for a 1:1 interview with Parade to discuss wedding plans, Charity’s DWTS gig, living arrangements and discovering each other’s quirks.

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What have Dotun and Charity been doing together since The Bachelorette wrapped?

Dotun told Parade, “It’s great…one of the first things was just taking an Uber to go see our families after the AFR [live taping] and since then, we’ve been having dinner and just doing normal things and trying to build on that and get that aspect into our life as well. We’ve built a foundation but now we’re just doing the little things and it’s exciting.”

ABC/Charity and Dotun solidified their relationship in Fiji.
ABC/Charity and Dotun solidified their relationship in Fiji.

Charity added, “It’s so overwhelming, I will be so honest, but in like the best way, the most beautiful way. We’ve anticipated this moment of finally being free and being ‘out’ and everyone knowing that it’s us [together] and like Dotun said, just enjoying the small aspects of life that makes the components of what life actually is.”

What does Dotun love most about Charity?

“There’s the Charity that we’ve all grown to love on TV, but there’s this other side of her that’s so fun,” the handsome integrative medicine specialist told Parade. “It’s hard to capture that [on TV where there are] very serious moments…but we’ve been able to have a goofy time since then. It’s so lighthearted, her energy…I’m the same way. It’s been a pleasure and honor and I feel more compatible with her every day.”

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What new things have they learned about each other since the cameras stopped rolling?

The therapist said about her man, “Habits wise, he has a very clean diet, so very healthy so I’m learning a lot from him in that sense. I could use some helping [with food].”

Charity said that in “sharing space, he likes it super cold and I hate being cold so the AC—we’ll have to figure out what’s a compatible temperature for the both of us. We’ll compromise on that for sure.” But she added, “There’s not a moment when we’re not thoroughly enjoying life and having fun doing it, which is so important.”

Dotun, who stands an incredible 6’7” to Charity’s 5’3 ½,” revealed the quirk he’s found out about her: “She does the cutest little thing where like she’ll be under the sheets and it’s whatever emotion, excitement or angst or whatever it is, she just pitter patters her feet. She’s obviously so petite so she does it so quick….it’s just the funniest thing. She’s moving [her feet] so quickly. She has so many ways of being expressive and I just love that.”

ABC/Charity chose the tallest contestant in 'Bachelorette' history to be her fiance.
ABC/Charity chose the tallest contestant in 'Bachelorette' history to be her fiance.

Are the two living together?

“Not currently,” Charity told Parade. “Since being in hiding [as The Bachelorette aired], we have not made that transition but we’ll be in L.A. for a few months with Dancing with the Stars so I’m grateful he will be able to work remote[ly] and be with me while I embark on that next adventure. But after that, we’ll keep it private where we’re going to head to. Might go back to New York (where Dotun has lived), might look at some other places. We’ll see.”

What are their wedding plans?

Dotun shared, “We have some ideas…we’re going to have something a little bit intimate, but the idea of a Nigerian wedding has been teased. I think we both love the idea of having two different weddings, a big one that’s more fun and vibrant in Nigeria, and then one that’s a little bit more intimate maybe here in the States. Wedding planning is obviously a huge thing to undertake and we are just enjoying normalcy for now…but we don’t want to keep the engagement too long. So look for that [wedding] soon.”

Why did Charity want to do DWTS?

This fall, Charity will follow other Bachelor Nation stars such as Gabby Windey, Hannah Brown, Sean Lowe and Melissa Rycroft in competing on the hit dance show.

She told Parade, “I’ve watched the show growing up.I don’t have true dance experience but I did cheer competitively so I kind of am coming in with that little bit of experience... I would have never thought that opportunity would be granted to me and so I say, why not? I’m taking it all as a fun learning experience, not going in with too much pressure. It’s supposed to be an enjoyable time. I know it will be challenging learning new skills, so I’m looking forward to that. I’ll be in the best shape that my body has ever been in, so thank God for that.” She said of Dotun, “He’s also very excited.”

What is Charity Lawson's strategy to do well on DWTS?

Former cheerleader Charity hopes to employ all aspects "mentally, physically, emotionally, taking care of those core components [to dance]... I think when you start to [put too much pressure on yourself] you can get caught up and lose sight of it all and I don’t want that. I want it to be enjoyable. I think when it stops being enjoyable, that’s probably when it won’t go as well. Obviously, we would love to win the mirror ball but I just want to have fun.”

How will Dotun support Charity on her DWTS journey?

He said “back rubs at the very least. All types of rubs, for sure! But probably just screaming and hollering and rooting her on in the [live studio audience] crowd and having dinner ready when she gets back home from practice. I’m looking forward to supporting her on this journey so, so much. She deserves it…we’re looking forward to having her be at the top of that podium at the end of that season.”

ABC/Charity and Jesse discussed their love live with host Jesse Palmer after the 'Bachelorette' engagement reveal.
ABC/Charity and Jesse discussed their love live with host Jesse Palmer after the 'Bachelorette' engagement reveal.

How will they avoid the pitfalls of other Bachelor Nation couples who split up?

Charity commented to Parade, “We get so caught up in looking at past statistics and former relationships and I think a good reminder is, everyone is different. You guys [watching TV] only get a glimpse of that and so I really do appreciate that because at its core, we know what our relationship is, and we have already done so much work and laying the foundation…we continue to do that. This relationship is my first and foremost priority and so is it for him and we won’t allow anything to get in the way. That doesn’t mean there won’t be challenges. That’s life but if it ever gets to that point, I know how to say, take a step back and realize what’s the bigger picture here. But I think we have done a beautiful job and we will continue to do that. We have the necessary tools to maintain a very healthy and successful relationship.”

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